1972 MIT model study confirmed. Looks like we have about two decades left. Human civilization as we know it is doomed.

Unless we do what we need to do.

But we didn’t do it back then either, which is why we are now in such a great hurry.


You can download the PDF of her report “Limits to Growth” here; it was published in the Journal of Industrial Ecology. That is a “paper”.

Limits to Growth: https://advisory.kpmg.us/articles/2021/limits-to-growth.html

This is a LinkedIn article: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/beyond-growth-gaya-branderhorst/

Does the climate and ecological emergency bill (CEE Bill) now start to make sense to you?

Gaya Herrington did not receive her econometrics degree from the University of Amsterdam but from VU University Amsterdam. (Amsterdam has two universities.) LinkedIn instantly alerted me to the fact that we attended the same university. She and I both have a Master’s – both cum laude – from VU University Amsterdam.