Autism and the country you happen to have been born in

I’ve recently been reading up quite a bit and thinking about autism and I am struck by how much better autistic people are off in my home country and how unlucky it is to be autistic and in the southeast of England, or perhaps the entire south of England.

What am I talking about?

Honesty and directness.

The Dutch are so much into honesty and integrity that living in the Netherlands is bound to be much easier for autistic people than in England where many people, generally speaking, see nothing wrong with lying. We see this in the UK government almost non-stop at the moment.

Americans too are “a little bit” more into honesty and integrity than the English – again, generally speaking – and that must make life easier for many autistic people.

The Dutch are very direct and so are Americans, but the Victorian age caused a lot of havoc in England of which we can still see the results today. In the stiff upper lip, for example, and the emotional stunting it has led to.

The often highly convoluted way in which English people communicate is often highly frustrating for Dutch people.

If I understand it more or less accurately how many autistic people tick, then living in southern England has to be incredibly tough on them.

It does not and should not have to be this way.

I think that many English people have forgotten all about integrity and have forgotten what sophistication really is. Insulting people in a convoluted way and lying a lot is merely immature and a sign of weakness. Making fun of foreigners who have trouble wrapping their heads around mysterious England is also not necessarily a sign of great savvy.

Trumpian values are becoming the rule in England.

Such a minefield. So much damage.

Did you know that the Dutch are often called “naive” behind their backs in international settings? Because of their penchant for honesty and integrity (and the resulting high level of trust). But it is appreciated highly too, at times. Remember that MH17 speech by Frans Timmermans?

Feel free to share your opinion below, please.

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