Why it’s special to be Dutch

I had no idea that this is typically Dutch, but yes, all week, I’ve been looking forward to a Zoom call I will have this weekend and this increased during the week as I added positive things to share to my list.

I now can say that making these notes in my agenda about things happening in the future probably makes me look like a control freak to the uninitiated.

I may also now understand why life can feel dull and hopeless to me in certain other places.

Is this a very un-English thing to do, then?



Emotions, after all, must be pushed down as much and far as possible and the joy of looking forward to something does not fit within that stiff upper lip habit (which apparently was inspired by the stoics, which I never would have guessed, but then, I’ve never been good at guessing and prefer hard cold facts and lush flowery emotions).


“Action is the antidote to despair.” – Joan Baez, singer, songwriter, musician, and activist

Voorpret has a dynamic feel to it.