Women in geology

Listen to what Jane Willenbring has to say. She’s a full professor at Stanford now.

I remember reading a more or less similar story by a female scientist when I was in grad school. She wrote something about growing a thick skin and becoming insensitive to pain.

The male geologists around me – there was only one female; she was an associate professor in sedimentology – did not seem to understand. One commented critically and seemed to blame that woman. Said that it was more or less like saying that she was a masochist, then. Maybe I misunderstood, but I remember it because the harsh criticism shocked me a little at the time. I said nothing. I should at least have asked him to explain.

What else do you do, then? Give up? Never.

Does that make you a masochist? No way.

Things have changed. But not enough yet.

She’s a full professor at Stanford now.