BBC documentary maker also warned about the danger from incels a few years ago

Two posts ago, in which I talk about finally realising what I have been dealing with, I included an ITV program in which “Eamonn and Ruth” talked about the topic with two experts.

Now I see that there was a BBC documentary a few years ago.

This is not just about violence against women. This is about violence against men who live with women, too. The “Chads”, not just the “Stacys” and not just feminists either.

In the above video, you can hear this 16-year-old English boy saying that in the west “we cultivate the evil side of women”.

Holy crap, that is seriously creepy. But yeah, England is deeply misogynistic and many boys get fed with a hatred of women at a very young age, before they’re able to form independent opinions. When boys under the age of 10 or 12 can yell “Suck my dick!” at women the age of their grandmothers and grab their penis at the same time, you know that they got this from someone else.

Below is the BBC documentary (requires a TV licence, so it will cost you £159 to watch this legally, unless, lol, you want to watch it in black and white).

This podcast video does not require a TV licence:

The problem with these guys is NOT that women are horrible or that these men are not physically attractive or that that they are “genetically inferior” as many of them seem to believe.

It’s the negative views they hold of themselves. It’s also often their negativity in general.

It could well be that quite a few of these guys have Asperger’s, I thought, but I found it very tricky to say something like that, off the cuff, because of the risk of perpetuating existing stigmas or creating new ones.

However, one of the people interviewed in the BBC documentary mentions “Asperger’s” himself.

Why do these people feel that random women who they’ve never met or interacted with have caused their lives to be so miserable that they feel that they need to take revenge out on these women? It makes no sense.

I have to do some thinking now about what all of this means for my life. It concerns me that these men seem to feel that women like me are responsible for everything that happens and has happened in their lives.

I’ve panicked a few times and I’ve also been ranting and raving about English people a few times in response to what’s been happening to me because it came across as quite quintessentially English to me. But it looks like it wasn’t. It’s merely been a matter of me having been in the wrong spots at the wrong time, it seems, whether online or IRL.

I’ve said a few times before that there is a large group of people out there whose healthcare and support needs are not being met (and who take this out on people like me, which is how I got into all of this in the first place; after all, I am an earth, marine and environmental scientist by nature).