Possible scam to do with NHS volunteering scam (to get a copy of people’s ID), combined with fishing calls from banks?

Be careful, people!

The fact that I have gotten many messages that spelled out “We the people of Portsmouth do not want you here! Leave! Go away!” from the very day in early 2009 that I collected the keys to my flat in Southsea and continue to be bombarded with that kind of crap…

It does not mean that there are no scammers out there who are abusing random people’s willingness to volunteer for the NHS.

How can you protect yourself? Submit a good enough photo (or scan) of a printed scan or printed photo of your ID with scribbled through it the date of when you are submitting it and what for, namely “NHS volunteering” or the “NHS stewarding” or the like. (This is a tip I got from my consul when there still was a consulate in Southampton.)

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Covid. The Fourth Wave: Vaccines, Variants and the Future.

I signed up for and then missed the webinar. But, thankfully, it’s online, so I can catch up. So can you.

Expert panel, this time:

  • Esther Krofah (Moderator), FasterCures and the Milken Institute Center for Public Health
  • George Rutherford, University of California, San Francisco
  • Charlene Wong, Duke University School of Medicine
  • Peter Hotez, Baylor College of Medicine
  • Mitchell Katz, NYC Health + Hospitals