Possible scam to do with NHS volunteering scam (to get a copy of people’s ID), combined with fishing calls from banks?

Be careful, people!

The fact that I have gotten many messages that spelled out “We the people of Portsmouth do not want you here! Leave! Go away!” from the very day in early 2009 that I collected the keys to my flat in Southsea and continue to be bombarded with that kind of crap…

It does not mean that there are no scammers out there who are abusing random people’s willingness to volunteer for the NHS.

How can you protect yourself? Submit a good enough photo (or scan) of a printed scan or printed photo of your ID with scribbled through it the date of when you are submitting it and what for, namely “NHS volunteering” or the “NHS stewarding” or the like. (This is a tip I got from my consul when there still was a consulate in Southampton.)

Anyway, I am getting far too much stuff from one of my business banks that just does not add up. This started a few months ago.

I stopped by at my bank branch about it but was not allowed in because it was too busy (Covid).

Next, I spoke with someone over the phone who, as it turned out, was not even at a computer and said that she was writing things down. No typing sounds could be heard at any point during the call. She sounded not at all like someone calling from a bank either, as she did not seem to know what she wanted to know from me, what she needed answers to, why she was actually calling me. .

The tricky part was that I called the number.

But then, I’ve also on one occasion called what was supposed to be Portsmouth City Council – and wasn’t.

And I’ve previously called what I thought was a journalist in Lancashire and was not at all, just some local joker playing what he thought was a sadistic joke and I thought was just a waste of a lot of my time. It was in relation to a bedroom-tax legal case for which I had also set up a petition. Some joker claiming to be a family friend had initially contacted me on that occasion to make me aware of the case. It wasn’t instantly clear that it was a joker. I also contacted the police over there; that, I do think was genuinely the police, but the journalist that I called clearly was not the journalist.

This time, right now, the call came in. It was from a London number announcing the name of the bank. I had not dialled. But when someone calls ME and asks ME to identify myself, something’s usually not right. Because anyone can call me and claim to be calling from my bank. If they do that a few times, and I fall for it, then they have all the data they need to access my account (in combination with having fallen for the NHS volunteering scam).

(It sounded like the same voice as last time.)

I cut the person off. The person called again, left a voice mail. Now I am supposed to call any number I had for my bank (not my branch, but the corporation) and ask for “Julie”, just Julie? Ha! (See PS.)

Last time, I was supposed to call “Charlotte”, if I recall correctly? But the name Julie has also popped up in connection to this. Yes, I think this Charlotte said that if I had any questions to call – again, not the branch – and she gave me some numbers, and ask for Julie. Just Julie. Yeah, right.

What’s more, there is no good reason for my bank to call me regarding what they’re calling about. The logistics don’t add up. Banks aren’t stupid.

A self-employed friend and colleague of mine in the Netherlands recently fell for a similar scam, though. They called her twice and she fell for it each time because it’s really easy to fall for these things. Thankfully her bank (!) caught on and she lost no money. In her case, it was about a parcel.

Now I have to wonder whether the e-mail I just got about NHS volunteering was fake too. I don’t think so, but… I’d better do a few web searches.

  • Made a call about the NHS volunteer drive. “not that I am aware of”

Yep, looks like I just fell for a scam when I was asked if I wanted to volunteer as a steward in the NHS vaccination drive. Ugh.

The phone call from my bank followed the action I took in response to that e-mail.


  • I then checked the other organisation’s Twitter feed (supposedly involved in that volunteering drive). Nothing.


And my computer’s now freezing for the 5th time today? Ugh.

I hate my anonymous Portsmouth-based hacker(s).

So it’s probably not a scam as in a “scam out there”. It’s very likely my stupid hacker again.

Yesterday evening, he insisted that I look for a Southsea-based martial arts school. (Interfered. Twice. With my search, with what I was typing into my browser bar.)

But what I had wanted was to look for videos on tai chi made by Brian Abelson in Canada! They’re on YouTube. He’s a physical therapist and he’s very good, often way ahead of the curve.

(Because I am having issues with my nerves. They seem to be getting caught in two places in my spine, creating pain in mostly right leg and right arm.)

By the way, “Julie” is the name of a woman in the States who I’ve known for a long time. She has NPD. Earlier this year, someone on my computer suggested that someone with NPD was going to destroy me and that I would not see it coming. Yeah sure. The same person also wrote “I am coming for you” and was going “to cut off your nipples”.

(Besides… my destruction has already happened, hasn’t it? Sure, I didn’t see it coming, but I consider that a good thing. Because I was not going around expecting nothing but disaster.)

This is England. This is England. Correction: This is Portsmouth. I’ve seen this coming from around the time I moved to Portsmouth, haven’t I?

I’ve also been getting a lot of “stalker” stuff in my Twitter stream for a few days – a coincidence? had not seen tweets in my stream from these folks in the US for along time – and I just – at 15:59 – got an-email from a gardening company that was not coming from the gardening company but from my hacker/stalker.

He always uses the same kinds of names and the same tone. When he does not use the same names (Alex, Steven, Lee, Charles, Charlie and variations on them; Matt may be a favourite too – Matt is the name of Julie’s ex – as is Ashley, which is a combination of three people’s names), he uses names that he thinks will make me feel hurt or nervous because they also occurred in other circumstances. (An example? Say if someone called Pete once gave me a black eye or broke my arm, he may use that name, but only in a specific context, related to that black eye or the broken arm.) Rob and Robert are sometimes used in connection to being “robbed” of access to me, as far as I can tell. (No, I don’t think that it’s my hacker, every time I see one of those names. Of course not.)

There is only so much “coincidence” you can cram into someone’s life…

PLUS, he has also just wiped out the related message on my other website and left only images behind of what he thought were dead animals. (Only one of them was dead, a bird. Remember the dead bird theme that’s popped up throughout the abuse of me in Portsmouth?)

I’ve now added the name to the post and googled it. It’s the name of a barrister. Who deals in IT cases.

Earlier this year, he – the hacker, not the barrister – left me the tip that I should go to the police, because “he knows too much”. What for? If you are the target of any kind of crimes, the police is the last place you go to for help.

So this still is the reason why nobody in England ever replies to e-mails and letters from me? Good to know Charles/Alex/whatever. Good to know that you’re still sabotaging me to death.

That is what this was about (March 2020):

(He apparently didn’t understand that there is no point in getting upset over something that you can’t do a thing about anyway.)

Here I go again… This sounds like someone with DID, rather than Asperger’s, right? At the end of last week, he switched into another personality, is the impression I got – something began happening last week – and last night it got “worse”, apparently (meaning that yet someone else took over?) (My downstairs neighbour tends to make an overnight racket before bad crap happens on my computer, so is my downstairs neighbour the one with the DID? Is he the one who’s been stalking me for so long? How on earth would I know, after all? It’s all done anonymously! Except when it’s not but that can be oh so deceptive. There is so much smoke and mirrors stuff going on, it seems.)

I used to have a colleague with DID, a long time ago. For about a year. (We’re still in touch; I met with her again in 2016 because I happened to be visiting her place of work.) She was very open about it. She told me that sometimes, an alter would take over and travel to another country and then that alter would disappear again at some point and she would find herself abroad with no clue as to what she was doing there. That’s life. Or rather, that was her life before she finally got a proper diagnosis.

Or is this merely typical Portsmouth crap?

Oh. It’s because I blocked that “Kenny” person on Facebook? Got a message from the Greens with a yahoo address for Ken next, except they don’t seem to have anyone called Ken. A coincidence? But I was not aware of the existence of that leafleting activity either that I was supposed to contact this Ken about and I had not gotten any responses to e-mails for quite a while. There was leafleting in Clanfield last weekend, I think, but that is because they have an election coming up there.

Yeah, yesterday, I suddenly had at least 6 tabs open for the same Wikipedia page. ABC Australia, it was, I think.

A hint towards DID?

Okay, DID it is.

That also explains why I can have utter pandemonium on my equipment and put a sudden stop to it by shooting off an e-mail from my phone about how silly it is, right?

The hint towards Asperger’s is just to make themselves appear more likeable or more acceptable? Or does one of the alters – or the main person – have Asperger’s?

This is one of the reasons why I truly hate Portsmouth (besides its really creepy sadistic subculture): You can ask till you see blue in the face but everyone always denies knowing anyone else in this town and they always have a bazillion reasons why they can’t help you or even listen to you and they laugh their heads of about your misery behind your back. And sometimes in your face. Reassure you? Nah, that would take the fun away for them. But it no longer matters.

Utter silence on my computer since that e-mail came in. Bliss!

So. He – whoever – wanted me to switch my business mail to a different hoster because their software enables him to mess with it (more). I suspected that. (Because mail on that address had not been messed with while it was with that other hoster at all as far as I can remember. So he blocked my access to it.) (lol) (yeah, what else to do than lol?)

But no folks, this is simply Portsmouth-based blind hate towards strangers. Nothing else.

(How I know that? They’ve also once staged a bizarre “Julie S in the US”-themed spectacle in two local supermarkets; I think it was at the end of 2019, right before Christmas. Later, a local woman who I passed on the sidewalk yelled at me that her name was Julie; it isn’t. If I remember correctly, it’s Fran. Definitely not Julie.)

(This is also why nobody ever wants to talk about what is going on. Because they’re all involved in this vile shit.)

Though one guy, a stranger, once told me that I should start claiming expenses when he saw me buying bottled water because my water had been shut off. A prank. In those days, whoever it was also used to run into the building occasionally and shut down the electricity in the building, just for fun. Usually when I was at my computer. The first time it happened, I went downstairs and flipped the switch. The second time, I didn’t respond at all. The first neighbours who came home and found that the power was off put the power back on again.

In my experience – 12+ years – Portsmouth has an abusive, often even really creepy and sadistic subculture plus a lot of gullible people who believe everything they’re told as well as a lot of people who can always use a quick buck. It’s a pretty toxic mix.

3 thoughts on “Possible scam to do with NHS volunteering scam (to get a copy of people’s ID), combined with fishing calls from banks?

  1. I can’t sign up as an NHS volunteer anyway. People here would send me all over Portsmouth in hoaxes, just for fun, and while they’d laugh their heads off, they’d be picking the locks again.

    They’ve done it before, several times. With freecycle items, for example. You go somewhere and the person or persons at the address you’re going to have no idea of what’s going on.

  2. Yes, I have made four attempts to leave the UK (since I fell ill, which was after that trip for a research review, which I had to come back to the UK for to be able to do it).

    Each of those attempts failed.

    Whoever’s been doing it has continued to make my life very difficult. At the end of 2019, I got into a stupid tech project that apparently paid well enough, for a US tech company, which turned out to be a Chinese tech company related to Amazon. That got sabotaged; I never saw a dime. Between roughly Sept 2019 and April 2020, he repeatedly messed with incoming payments and left me the message about it in March 2020 that I included in the post.

    On my 60th birthday, he wiped two files off a USB stick and my harddisk, for a grant proposal I was working on. I stopped working for the client as this interference had now become far too risky.

    In March 2021, he left me the message that he was coming for me and was going to cut off my nipples.

    As far as I can tell, he continues to interfere with just about everything that I do. Just for fun.

    He, they, it, whatever. Asperger’s or not, whatever. Portsmouth and one or two people with Asperger’s or NPD or not, whatever.

  3. When I got invited to a local online neighbourhood network, it was also only so that people – the hacker(s), as far as I could tell, but there was mention of bullying on the network, I noticed – could abuse me.

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