“I had to face this on my own. It’s nasty. Yes.”

I remind you of the phrase “witch hunt” at this point.

(The following morning, the hacker turned out to have removed the letter “c” from the word “witch”.)

It is all connected. Everything is connected. From the males who made Jocelyn’s life hell every time she walked into the room to the Nazis who hunted down everyone they wanted to hunt down and that wasn’t only Jews, but also gay people and Roma and disabled people and Slavs and many others. It is just a matter of scale, a point on a spectrum with Nazi behaviour at the far end and silly goose altruists, empaths and tree huggers at the other end.

Source: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-wales-58408550 (Added to this post at 22:28)

I recorded the video below on 7 June.

Fear of the Nazis was the main reason why the role of Lise Meitner and nuclear physics disappeared from the original story of the discovery of fission, for which the Nobel Prize in Chemistry was awarded, because Meitner – baptised a protestant – was of Jewish extraction. She fled to the Netherlands. From there, she was able to go to Sweden, where she was offered a paid position.