Yesterday evening’s local situation

I am based in a town with an often terribly abusive culture and a lot of violence. Abuse is generally glorified here, applauded, at all levels in society and victims made fun of, shunned, at all levels in society.

Here where we live, we frequently get pestered by local youngsters whose parents are typical abusive adult yobs.

They do things like climb onto the roofs and bully us in our homes. The police won’t do anything about it because they’re terrified of getting backlash from these youngsters’ relatively well-to-do parents. Such as getting sued. The youngsters know it and think they know how to use it on civilians.

But their psychopathic troll tactics don’t have the same effect on emancipated civilians like me who’ve seen a bit of the world.

In the past, I took photos, posted them on the local police’s Facebook page and I called the police about them too. A waste of time. I repeat, the local police are (often abusive themselves but also) terrified of these youngsters’ parents.

Other than abusive yobs, the local community consists of mostly unbelievably gullible fools with almost no education, very little life experience hence very little perspective and no hope for the future whatsoever.

Meanwhile, at about the same time near Tampa in Florida, a guy from Brandon killed a 3-month-old baby, the baby’s mother and grandmother, a man, and a dog called Diogi. He also shot an 11-year-old girl several times. A former marine sharpshooter with a health problem.

Most of the locals would consider that a laughing matter.

I don’t.

(No, not literally everyone here would consider it a laughing matter, but far too many to allow me to feel comfortable in this town.)