Someone’s picking the locks again

A clothing item that disappeared 2, 3 years ago has suddenly reappeared. It wasn’t on a hanger but along the bottom of a wardrobe. I know for a fact that it wasn’t there before.

Below is a photo of the item on a hanger.

I decided to wear it today.

The brand is Golddigga.

That’s a theme for him. Whether or not I am one.

At the same time glass wool fibres were left behind on the indoor door-handle. That reflects two things. Hands. And insulation material for a warm home.

They’ve also released a mouse into my flat, lol. It’s happened before. This time it is in relation to

Thankfully, I am increasingly starting to feel better. I was so dizzy and had bouts of vertigo and that felt pretty disabling, so I am pleased that it’s improving.