Things are getting better

I’m still not entirely well, but getting there. Yep, it was the head trauma that “knocked me out”. I’ll talk about in a new video soon. (I hit my head against a curved railing, four times, while litter-picking through it on 24 August. There’s something called a subacute subdural hematoma and it looks like that’s what it was. I was lucky. Healthcare is currently very hard to get, I read in Metro last week. Sad stories such as about someone having died because no medical staff was there to notice someone’s dangerously low BP due to a hernia.)

By the way, did you know that Boris Johnson apparently has instructed the NHS to call refurbished hospitals etc “new hospitals”?

So that he can claim he has created x new hospitals. Ha ha.

That means that we’re all millionaires, I’m sure. (Particularly the poor, who try to spend every penny at least three times to make it go further.)

Oh, and there are no fuel shortages either. None whatsoever. The BBC is lying about that.

As it happens, I couldn’t help but overhear shreds of a local conversation about fuel shortages either. I heard someone say something about what I thought was our driveway, so that made me curious.

“been turned into a parking space”

“cars lining up”

Were they serious?

But no, it was about fuel shortages. Cars lining up at the pumps that have fuel.

We also run into empty shelves in supermarkets.

Because Brexit has happened and so many of those evil people from abroad have left the UK, including many lorry drivers (called “truck drivers”, in American English).

The Guardian also had an interesting article on it, too. Apparently, there’s a shortage of around 100,000 lorry drivers. The UK government wants to solve that via a “U-turn” that allows 5,000 visas to be issued towards addressing this shortage?


That’s done then, easy-peasy like a ready meal.

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