Ha ha = wtf?!!


The weirdest thing just happened. I ran into one of the neighbours and wanted to update him – see below – and while he was as sweet as peaches last time I spoke with him, he was extremely hostile now and saying crazy things like “I don’t want to see your face anymore”. (Another one of those remarks that are actually intended for his partner? I hardly ever see the guy!)

But…he also said “I don’t think you should be trying to repair your own electricity” …

Here’s the thing. I never said or wrote anything like that to anyone anywhere!

All I said and wrote is that I was trying to transfer the account to see if that would get the problem resolved! (Because my power company – Bulb – clearly isn’t up to the task.)

(These neighbours don’t speak and understand English very well so we’ve always communicated via notes. They always only speak Russian or something on the phone. And they’re on the phone a lot and usually very loudly, too.)

It looks like someone else has been leaving notes for them that they think are from me.

He also said that he was my stalker when I asked him – after his weird remarks – but I’m pretty sure he was just being a misogynistic asshole when he said that.

My phone suddenly keeps acting up.

Yo, “Lee/Charles/whoever”, I am not an “android”. (Haven’t we been through this before?)


On 24 September, I contacted a Dutch professor for help but I have no way of knowing whether the e-mail went out. (She too ended up in a very worrisome situation abroad once and had to be whisked away with the cooperation of the police and KLM. She grew up just a few miles from where I did. She and I share a few other things.)


I have meanwhile also asked some of my neighbours to see if they can transfer my electricity account. When I tried, all I got was error messages as soon as I put in my postcode. This may mean that my address has disappeared from Portsmouth City Council’s database, which also happened in 2009/2010 when I couldn’t get a business phone line and broadband installed for that reason.

In that case, my neighbours’ addresses likely no longer exist either.

But it’s also possible that my hacker is creating these error messages only for me, in which case my neighbours should be able to transfer my account and possibly resolve my electricity situation that way.

I just tried again and when I put in my postcode, I got the message “Whoops, something went wrong”.

Bulb keeps asking me the same questions over and over on Twitter, where nobody else replies to my tweets. None of the other energy companies.

Eon was the company the supplied my energy, via Bulb. Bulb clearly is not quite there yet in terms of what it claims to deliver.


Turns out that I only get the error message when I choose “electricity only”. Weird.

Anyway, so far so good. We’ll see what happens next. Should take 3 weeks, they say.

But the previous one took months and months.

And I have not gotten a confirmation e-mail. (17:57 still nothing)

It’s slowly starting to get too cold and dark. Last time I sat a few weeks in the dark in the middle of winter, I ended up with pneumonia. (All you can do is bundle up and sit.) It also really messes with your serotonin/adrenaline cycle. My flat is quite dark; I normally run full-spectrum daylight bulbs to counter that, even in sunny weather.

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