And the mystery has been solved!

Well, to some degree…

It’s more and more looking like it’s my landlord who’s been making my life a living hell for over a decade!

But, why?

He certainly isn’t a well guy but I didn’t and don’t know him.

Why on earth would…

Is he an unhinged psychopath? Is he the person who’s been behind the animal killings and all that other shit because that’s just the kind of guy he is?

Then he belongs on a locked psych ward.


(Like I said, it is not the whole story. The autism angle – or whatever it is, such as gaming-addicted incels who no longer are able to make the distinction between real life and the gaming environment – is a different one – at least I think so… – and that certainly exists too. There seems to be some overlap between the two somehow. And somehow, the community bullying fits into it this too, but at least that has diminished considerably.)

My landlord is Grant Murphy, for those who don’t know that.

Yikes… šŸ˜œ Dude need a brain transplant, apparently.

If he is that crazy… could he actually be the one who began targeting me before I moved into my present flat?!!!

I’m so not used to this kind of bizarre nonsense. Can’t figure out why on earth a complete stranger would decide to make my life a living hell.

I later made a video about it. To be clear, I don’t think that this sordid entanglement between the council and this local real estate developer is the full story about what’s been going on, but hey, how the hell would I know? I find it very hard to put myself in the shoes of crazy people…

But it’s certainly true that GVJ clearly knew or at least suspected that my landlord was behind what has been going on. That’s why he decided not to dwell on it at all. I’ve experienced so much crazy stuff in England that it did not quite surprise me that GVJ found everything that had been happening quite normal (although I failed to see how on earth he expected me to run a business in those conditions). But no… England surely is not that crazy.

So my landlord had at least some involvement in what’s been going on, perhaps assuming that I was a delusional nutcase and deciding to add some pressure to get me to leave?

(How the hell would I know?)

I have posted about this before on this website, that seriously unhealthy environment he is in. You walk into the office and people will say things like “Grant is not here; he is in Dubai today” (which likely means Gunwharf Quays) or “Grant is in Italy” or Grant this, Grant that, while you never even asked to talk with the guy and don’t know him. All you may have said is “Good morning” or “Enjoy your lunch”.

Whatever this bizarre mix of a mess is that Portsmouth has going on, it has nothing to do with me. I want my life back.

Yesterday, I found that whoever the hacker was posted the following after the automated subtitles for one of my videos. He’s been doing these things for at least half a year.




Today (6 October), I found:





It’s creepy and I have no idea what to make of it.

He’s previously posted things like “foreign”, “go foreign” “you”, “so you” and “so very you”.

I should add that the information about the legal advisor also comes from my hacker. There was a link on my phone one morning, to one of the articles about him.

I was very surprised, however, by the strange response from GVJ when I mentioned that to him. He knew. He clearly already knew.

I have no problem with someone giving a job to someone who’s fallen on his ass and has become unemployable, but that isn’t the whole story here.

By the way, the electrician said that he lived around the corner. This could have been a hint that he was working for my landlord.

I knew his electrician as a young kid of no more than 20 and he lives “around the corner”, but when I asked for his name – because I think he’s somehow involved in the hacking and may have been the person who went into my previous neighbour’s flat when he was out – I was told that the electrician and Grant went to school together from since they were toddlers followed by the bizarre comment “he would never betray Grant”. But Grant Murphy is about my age, as is Gerald-Vernon-Jackson.

The tenant that I mentioned, while he was living there, one of my landlord’s staff had oddly suggested that there might be a reason to be intimidated by him.

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