Sigh. I don’t have a dog – not since my teenage years – and dogs don’t sigh.

Am being bombarded by hate from a Portsmouth-tard who calls himself “my dog sighs”.

What 😂🤣

Typically Pompey.

Cos no, it’s clearly not the graffiti dude – though he too has a loose screw, I mean, come on, an exhibition that is announced one week in advance and lasts only two weeks? That’s seriously Trumpian, isn’t it? – so maybe it is after all.

After all, how would I know? In cyberspace, anyone can be anyone.

That exhibition was months ago, though.

So why email me about that now?

So, this is just another anonymous Pompey-tard who’s grabbed my mail.

What else is new in this so utterly fucked-up narrow-minded Pompey-verse of two square kilometres? Where nobody has ever travelled more than two miles further? Havant they?

After this, my phone spontaneously rebooted itself to prove my point.

That this is not the graffiti artist who hasn’t got his head screwed on right but someone else.

Someone who doesn’t even have a head…

So far, the only local person who showed evidence of being in possession of functioning brain cells was a judge.


(And, for the record, I concluded that early in the process.)

(Okay, there may have been another judge, come to think of it.)

Everyone else here appears to be brain-dead (but usually sadly evil at the same time).

Other than that, a guy who worked for – ran, I think – the London Assembly (Greater London Authority). And a London barrister.

Other than that, everyone else I have encountered here is not only completely off their rocker but also blatantly and so utterly disappointingly incompetent.

People who think that farting out loud makes them sound “accomplished”.

For those who don’t know that, one of my neighbours is a guy who makes very loud farting sounds, while not farting, pretending he has Tourette’s – which he doesn’t – expecting it to upset the people around him. Yep, that’s England. This is quintessentially English.

Pretending that you have Tourette syndrome so that you can make loud farting sounds that you think will upset your neighbours. That is quintessentially English and the English blame the EU for it. For the results of it. For not doing a damn thing other than this kind of shit and for what it results in, namely nothing else but loud farting sounds. Oh so quintessentially English, that uncomfortable relationship with the normal and natural. And blaming furriners fer it.

Fer chusin ta be fat farttards. And never accomplishing anything but loud farting sounds.

Oh so quintessentially English…

So yeah, Marga, Renate, please please please rescue me. I have had 17 years of this. And it’s literally killing me. And I can’t get out of this damn fucktard joke of a country. Or should that be “farttard”?

This, this is all England is about. Being hated if you are neither a fucktard nor a farttard. Because it is what their government dictates.

And because of this class-related obedience shit, they follow it blindly and turn themselves into fucktards or farttards, convinced it means that they are really cool people.

While they’re living in poverty.

While life passes them by, unbeknownst to them.

If life is a rainbow, then the English only get one colour. (Green? With perpetual envy?)

Because their government tells them that that is all there is. And they believe it. Because of this class-related obedience shit.

But life is at least three rainbows. At least three orders of colours.

Why the “Tourette act”? To mock me, in two ways. My saxophone (which I no longer have) and to make fun of how I’ve been going on about diversity. The latter seems to have become a major new thread in the stupid games that people play here in Portsmouth. I have no problem with people who have Tourette’s (though I have no experience with it, which I have also said about NPD and about autism, both of which turned out to be not true), but I have a major problem with people who fake having Tourette’s for the sole purpose of harassing others and making them look ugly and intolerant.


All birds see colours that humans can’t even imagine. (The latter is likely why humans have thought for so long that animals were little more than objects that moved. They weren’t able to imagine that they possess abilities as well as knowledge that humans simply don’t have.)

Feel free to share your opinion below, please.

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