FINAL WARNING to Portsmouth after just having been accosted again (raw unedited and unwatched video). ENOUGH! Enough with the sadism and the hate! Enough! Enough of the vicious misogyny. ENOUGH! Nearly 13 years of Pompey hate! ENOUGH!

I was accosted near the Lidl in North End, where a bunch of hoodlums staged a lot of noise at the same time.

And if my immediate downstairs neighbour goes into my flat again, I WILL KILL HIM. That is not a threat but a promise.

Nearly 11 years of being terrorised in my own home and just about wherever I go. Nearly 13 years of being terrorised after I was DUMB enough to move to this vicious shit hole of a place at the start of 2009.

I am being terrorised relentlessly…

WITH the approval of the local police and WITH the approval of the local Lib Dems.

And if there is even one more instance of hacking interference, I WILL START eviscerating random Pompey farttards. That is a promise. This is no joke.

It is simply the only language you hear and speak. “Kill kill kill kill the Dutchwoman” has been the chant for so many years that the Dutchwoman has gotten the message that you do not “get” any messages that are not violent. (Typically Pompey, eh, ITV? Or was it Channel 4 that documented the vicious violent culture of this shit hole of a town?)

I have had enough of Pompey farttards and other anonymous sadistic monsters, none of who know me making my life a miserable living hell, year after year after year after year after year after year after year after year after year after year after year after year after year, terrorising me year after year after year after year after year after year after year after year after year after year after year after year after year.

Goddamn vicious sadistic deranged psychopathic misogynistic Pompey maniacs!

10 October:

But, no, I’m not gonna punch Roger Downey because of his loud “poor old girl” remarks and whatnot. He’s just an average dude who thinks he’s hilarious when he isn’t, isn’t he? That sort of stuff isn’t what I am talking about. I could call him a narrow-minded stuffy old fart, equally loudly, but why on earth would I? (◔‿◔) I’m not a 13-year-old. I’m an adult.

He’s like a fly that accidentally flies into your home. If it doesn’t get out on its own steam, you open the windows and use light and a newspaper to show it the way out so that it can continue its life. The fact that the fly buzzes annoyingly isn’t its fault.

I could point out that Roger Downey’s misogyny is reflected on his website which talks extensively about him and merely mentions his wife Sarah as an accessory. She is a computer science graduate who’s a bit of a bitter whiny sourpuss at times. Perhaps because she gave up her own career? But she is not a bad person. Merely unfulfilled, I suspect. She does the bookkeeping, by the way.

(I just checked out the website because I don’t know a thing about Roger Downey but I have talked with Sarah in the past. I thought that Roger might be a real estate agent or something who later in life decided to make his hobby his life.)

Louise Casey

I just wrote to her. Because we might gel well. (Though the fact that she gets hired by people like Boris Johnson makes her appear to be a cosmetic effort.)

Of course, the question is always:

Did my email actually go out?

And will any response from her reach me?

Because I got that stupid “server unavailable” message again while I was composing my email.

And portsmouth’s hate is relentless. As is its sadism. I’m so fed up with it.

How the locals communicate

Spam that they grab and release selectively.

Junkmail that they hold back and release selectively. Cats Protection = lay off the bitch for a while. The insurance with the beagle = make the bitch’s life hell as if she were a lab beagle

Drawings on walls

Bottles in front of someone’s home

Etc etc etc

(And behind it is pure sadism but not many may be aware of this. Hate. It’s not an innocent game. It seeks to destroy people.)