Louise Casey

I just wrote to her. Because we might gel well. (Though the fact that she gets hired by people like Boris Johnson makes her appear to be a cosmetic effort.)

Of course, the question is always:

Did my email actually go out?

And will any response from her reach me?

Because I got that stupid “server unavailable” message again while I was composing my email.

And portsmouth’s hate is relentless. As is its sadism. I’m so fed up with it.

How the locals communicate

Spam that they grab and release selectively.

Junkmail that they hold back and release selectively. Cats Protection = lay off the bitch for a while. The insurance with the beagle = make the bitch’s life hell as if she were a lab beagle

Drawings on walls

Bottles in front of someone’s home

Etc etc etc

(And behind it is pure sadism but not many may be aware of this. Hate. It’s not an innocent game. It seeks to destroy people.)