Next steps

I have asked two people with local knowledge – Gareth Clelland and Steve Pitt – to contact the police here, as well as Lynne Stagg and explain to them who exactly here (wants me dead and why he) has been keeping me trapped in this bizarre sadistic slavery situation. Because I believe these two know that. And they do not have to fear violent backlash.

11 Oct: Shortly after my arrival in Portsmouth, Steve Pitt (then pub landlord, Lib Dem city councillor and deputy city council leader next but not re-elected in the recent local elections) wrote to me that if people were bothering me (as in “making my life hell”), I should go to him. I had no idea (yet) what on earth a pub landlord might have to do with it. Gareth Clelland worked for him and he too knows more about what is going on than I do. He was part of it, but he played a minor albeit unpleasant role. A lawyer friend of mine was present one time when he did what he did.

I think that Grant Murphy plays merely second fiddle in this bizarre mess.

The police have told me that I am dealing with someone who is based in Petersfield. But I doubt whether that is correct. Smoke and mirrors.

I want my life back. For a fraction of the money that Vernon-Jackson has been paying Murphy, I could have made my safe escape. And I have told him that too.

The hacker is suggesting that this post may not be online?

He also removed the name “Gerald Vernon-Jackson” above. (When I mentioned Lynne Stagg and the police.)

And did you know that this craziness has even resulted in someone reporting me missing to the police in my home country a few years ago?

Because people often can’t reach me and I can’t reach them either. As a result of the hacking.

10 October:

By the way, does anyone know what “NPP” stands for? My hacker substituted that for another word in a document that I was writing a few weeks ago.

(And yes, I had been suffering from fluid retention too at the time.)

(I have just seen that it’s a steroid. Funny. I have actually for some time wondered if someone might be adding something to my open packages of coffee. Sounds crazy, right? But last week I found black pet hair in food. And someone has been picking the locks and going into my flat for a decade. Does anyone know whether it’s possible to add steroids to open packages of coffee without that being noticeable???)

(I’ve just checked. It’s a white powder. Can you add enough of that to ground coffee without it being noticeable but it having an effect on heart and muscles?)

(Alternatively, can you empty NAC capsules and fill them with NPP? Or substitute them?)

“I tell people everything they need to know. What they do with it is up to them.”

“It’s not so much a matter of breaking the rules but rather of constantly rewriting them.”

Mr Petersfield – or someone pretending to be him – wrote that to me. Along with a whole bunch of other stuff.

So, an electrician pestered me on 28 June. Someone else pestered me along Eastern Road on 24 August. If the latter was you, dear reader, then you should consider contacting the police. There’ve been others since, but until yesterday, they didn’t (obsessively, i.e., in an unnatural manner) touch me or infringe on my personal space in any other manner that said “I own you”.

Feel free to share your opinion below, please.

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