Here we go again

I got a phone call from the power company I am now trying to transfer to but when I called back the number, it turned out to be a different party. (And the call I made could have gone to a recording that someone else made. Can’t really tell, can you?)

In any case, that call I got was spoofed.

That angry video I made

i know it’s being downloaded and circulated (and it looks like some people are trying to provoke me) but I am leaving it up on YouTube

Because unless you use words like “knife” and “kill” nobody in Portsmouth who is into all that violence and hostility pays any attention to anything you say. And I am a woman from Amsterdam who is in her 60s.

Who rescues pigeons.

And yes, I am making another attempt to return to the civilized world. That is what that loud unintelligible Skype call yesterday evening was about. (As if women over 45 aren’t allowed to make loud calls!) I want my life back. My civilized 21st-century life as opposed to my Taliban-style non-life here in Portsmouth.

People in the Netherlands – no misogynistic males involved this time – are arranging my escape but we can’t communicate very openly about it to avoid that whoever here’s the seriously worrisome local factor interferes with it again and/or starts pestering me or others abroad.

I want my life back.

Criminal negligence

I have informed Mr Vernon-Jackson that Portsmouth City Council is venturing into criminal negligence terrain if there remains an absence of warning signage at the entrances to Portsmouth, cruise ships are invited over to dock here, businesses are encouraged to establish themselves here or move to Portsmouth if Portsmouth City Council doesn’t address the violence and hostility in Portsmouth.