My electricity (updated)

I continue to get calls – including yesterday – from a party that shows up on my phone as the name of the company that has now confirmed by email that they will be supplying the energy here soon – but I have had similar confirmation mails in the past that turned out to be spoofs.

But that turns out to be someone else.

The first three calls came in with me not being aware of it; after the first call, I called the number and discovered that the number was for someone else (or for someone else pretending to be that party).

There just was a fourth call which I deliberately decided to ignore.

13 October 2021, 01:35

I just set up my account with my new power provider – couldn’t sleep – and I see that it looks like I am going to remain without electricity until at least the end of November. I’ll have been without electricity for about 3 months then. (There is no gas supply here.)
The terms I have been given are not the terms for my supply situation.
And I am getting 100% nuclear energy? I didn’t know that the UK still had that. (Checked: is about 21% in the UK)

Also, while I am doing this, someone has opened a tab in my browser for a falconry wildlife aid fundraiser.

Also, there is often a lot of stuff about bees. Is that English slang for something? Today, in an e-mail that I wrote (enquiring about a local job, in fact), the B had been removed in “Best regards” and this was followed by a message about saving bees. I often get sent messages about saving the bees over and over and over.

I also just got an e-mail from another party about needing to supply a copy of my driving licence but I have already done that. (Update: That was just an automated email one day ahead of confirmation and approval. Good.)

For the record, a few days ago, I wrote to electronic messages to Age Concern, around the corner, about starting self-defence workshops for 60+ women.

I have written and sent a whole bunch of letters and e-mails in the past few months to do with my new website. The only response I received was a somewhat unprofessional one – clumsy – from the US. Nothing from within the UK.

(This is what my life’s been like for about a decade now. 😜)

I’ve been “encouraged” to transfer my business mail to a different hoster; turns out that my old hoster’s system was less easy to interfere with (not based on XML?).

I have also been “encouraged” to close my local business bank account. While that does make some sense as the monthly costs are going up to the point that they can fund a really nice Christmas and the services in branch are diminishing, I suspect that me now having accounts with certain other banks make it much easier to mess with communications for a hacker.

So many bank cards sent to me have been diverted in the past few years! Along with the driving licence sent to me last year (which had to be reissued to me). While this was going on, I was not able to reach the DVLA at all and it looked like they had simply a huge backlog, at first. Then it turned out that they’d already sent me my new driving licence months ago.

But yes, there are worse things.

(I may very happily stay offline for a few days as of the morning of the 13th. There isn’t much I can do anyway, in terms of ha ha ha professional activities. So might as well spend my time well.)

Recently, he may have started to draw my attention to microplastics research. If so, then he would seek to frustrate me if I were to look into this topic. That is part of his modus operandi. After a while it all becomes rather predictable, really. Not in detail but the general direction.

Also, if you have synesthesia and happen to hear the written word as music, you can mimic what other people’s sound like in communications. And if you are also into IT, boy, can you mess with that if you want. 😜

Yeah isn’t my life a lovely mess…🤣

(When all this is over, I’ll check in with a shrink from time to time to make sure I get out of survival mode. In the interim, all I can do is wait. I feel like a zombie. 😯)

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