What is on this web page fits with what I found earlier; see below. It is not the rule, but it seems to occur more often than people may want to know about.

Some days/weeks ago, the person in my equipment indicated that he was trying to destroy me and turn me into someone I am not, some kind of monster, and that it was my task not to allow myself to be broken.


(And there is nowhere you can go to get support with this kind of stalking. Nowhere. You have to handle it and figure it out all by yourself. 👓🕶️🥽🔬🔭🩺📡🛰️🩹Oh well. There are worse things.)

If anyone local wonders, the information about my landlord’s legal advisor came from whoever’s in my equipment; they also indicated that GVJ was my landlord’s man at the council. They don’t like Steve Pitt either; I don’t know why but I too can see that he’s no longer the publican that he used to be and fear that his ethics have gone downhill since he became a politician. Hopefully, I am wrong about the latter. I think it’s hard to remain 100% ethical in English politics because, man, do they stink.

This is relevant too:

Not the lockdown angle but the violence angle. I’ve said before that the infliction of cruelty can be a way of expressing “this much is how I hurt”.

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