To the local person nicknamed “dog”

If the person nicknamed “dog” doesn’t exist and in reality is “half of Portsmouth”, or is emulated by “half of Portsmouth”, then you need a psych eval and psych support. Each of you.

14 October: Someone moved this above paragraph all the way to the top, apparently. So what are we dealing with here? Abuse and ridicule ? Of autistic people, of women, of people who are over 45, and of foreigners?

  1. I don’t know who you are in real life. (I can only guess but that is “bad data”.)
  2. In slang, “dog” can mean anything ranging from wonderful, loyal and reliable person to ugly woman to piece of equipment that doesn’t work well to horrible, despicable person and just about anything in between. So that doesn’t tell me much either.
  3. I do believe that you have Asperger’s, not NPD with psychopathy. I now know that there’s a mirror aspect to both.
  4. I am not a computer or a robot. You cannot program me to do what you want me to do. You can merely create very angry, very miserable people that way.
  5. Neurotypicals like me sometimes tell little lies so that people do not feel hurt or offended. They also sometimes lie when they are scared. (And I’m scared of you.)
  6. It is not okay to keep another human being in an electronic cage and experiment with the person the way you have been doing with me. Also, neurotypicals need more than just food and a roof over their head. And I do believe that you know that very well.
  7. It’s also not okay to pick the locks to a person’s home and carry out all kinds of mischief such as vandalism and attacking animals inside the person’s home, like you have been doing to me. I think you know that too. I can understand why you do it but you would not want this to be done to yourself either.
  8. That not many people may know about your autism and your violence and cruelty doesn’t mean that it’s not there.
  9. Just like average neurotypicals can’t treat a person with for example diabetes 1, average neurotypicals also generally do not need how to deal with autism (autistic people), or tigers or horses or snakes, but that doesn’t mean that they are bad people. Together, lots of people know lots of things. Together, they can make the world a better place. Bullying and sabotaging people who you don’t like only makes them miserable, scared and angry.
  10. If you can send me spoofed emails and other spoofed messages, you can also send me emails and other messages that are not spoofed and reveal your legal identity.
  11. I can’t do this current situation any longer. I am at the end of my tether, and I don’t mean the cryptocurrency. England and Portsmouth have been hard enough for me to deal with without the stuff that you do. Your stuff has been going on for about 13 years now…
  12. I think that this means that we need to talk (and it’s probably best to have an autism expert present).
  13. I can’t help but wonder how many people you have pushed into suicide.

If the person nicknamed “dog” doesn’t exist but in reality is “half of Portsmouth” or does exist but with regards to what is being done to me is merely or mostly emulated (faked) by “half of Portsmouth”, then each of whoever “half of Portsmouth” is needs a psych eval and psych support.

Actually, I think that that is true in any case, in view of Portsmouth’s excessive hostility towards anyone who is not from Portsmouth but for example from Havant. This “Pompey born and bred” attitude is toxic and self-defeating. It’s not “a strong community sense” at all. It’s pathological.

I’m from Amsterdam. The old Jordaan neighbourhood may have been a little like Portsmouth. You know what happened to it? Rich people moved in, bought up all the properties, many of which are on canals, and all the Jordaan people were pushed out, spread over a large area, in neighbourhoods that are nowhere near as pretty.

Dropping your pants to moon people and picking their locks and stealing their postal mail doesn’t work against rich people. But in the meantime you’ll have turned people like me, people who aren’t Pompey born and bred and who aren’t filthy rich but who used to be on your side, into enemies.

You think that you buy each other’s loyalty by keeping yourselves and each other poor and miserable.

Meanwhile, folks with money and power play you for fools with your stupid Pompey born and bred meme.

When I was still a teenager, my dad came home one day with this ultra secret special information that he’d gotten from a local politician and that was supposed to help him. “Oh, dad!” I thought when I saw what it was and I realised how limited his thinking was. When he showed me that information, however, I also realised that my dad had problems making ends meet. I hadn’t known that, as his business had kept us in prosperity for a long time and I had automatically assumed that my dad was in good shape, even though my mother had taught me to shop wisely when she was still alive and even though my dad had had to stop the business some years before. My dad always hated that I was much more intelligent than him – which I couldn’t help – and I had to tread carefully around that. By contrast, I have always loved having people around me who are much smarter than I am. Because I can learn from them. Because they can help me be a better me. It’s not true that all smart people are mean people who are out to get you, Pompey. (Or that only filthy rich people are smart people.)

(Carl Jung)

One thought on “To the local person nicknamed “dog”

  1. To be a little more explicit, you Pompey born and bred lot, if you put a tenth of the time and effort that you put into making my life – and each of the lives of others like me – a living hell into improving your own lives, you’d be much better off – much happier – and you’d have no time or reason to be so negatively obsessed with strangers who aren’t Pompey born and bred.

    So I have been living without electricity far too often in the past decade. So I am likely going to be without electricity for about 1.5 to 2 more months this time. How has that helped you? How does that help you?

    So, no, I do not admire you or even like you. I think you’re dumb. Stupid. Losers. People who love shooting themselves and each other in the foot to show off.

    If this stuff is done only by people who are autistic, then you urgently need support. Shutting off my electricity is not going to make me move in with you (or with anyone else). To the contrary.

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