What it is like

(And yes, I manage to keep my mostly grey-white hair covered with henna because it gets me treated with more human respect than when I don’t, although it also gets me more abuse from men. Or maybe I should say “a different kind of abuse from men”.)

Do autistic people understand the saying “between a rock and hard place”? And how many times do they mistake other people’s fear – and actions based on fear – for something else? Asking for a friend.

And this person in this video and in a few other recent videos is more or less the person who arrived in England a long time ago. The English felt that she was too loud and too confident. Not meek enough.

What part of this – my situation – is about?

Making fun of or misinterpreting things I have said or quoted.

Such as “you receive what you focus on” which I think I had on my website many years ago.

Such as “I do my best to treat people the way I want to be treated” in combination with saying that animals are people too – persons, not humans – and the fact that I have rescued – kept – a few animals, but these were animals that wouldn’t have survived out there, some of which who had even literally chosen to be indoors.

I didn’t do horrible things to them just so that I could keep them in a cage! In fact, these animals are often an inconvenience to me – because they impose practical limitations on my life – but that isn’t a reason to abandon them.

Third – no, fourth – fundraiser for my escape in order to get my life back

This situation is simply not tenable, has not been for a long time, and NOBODY in Portsmouth wants to talk about what is going on. Nobody.

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