No, it’s not autism that I am dealing with here in Portsmouth. Or is it?

It’s malignant NPD with psychopathy. Or is it?

It’s three people who have wrapped “half of Portsmouth” around their fingers. Three people who began terrorising me within 24 hours of having encountered one of them. Three males. Three hackers. Three con artists.

“You’re perfect” he thought when he saw me with my typical abused migrant’s hair.

It’s so much easier to do to migrants.

And it’s so much easier to do when the victim isn’t even aware of the existence of the other people. So much easier to make the victim look silly and learning-disabled, certainly when nobody actually knows her.

(No, Murphy isn’t one of the three. He is a pawn too. As are the two people on the ground floor of the building in which I am trapped. Gullible pawns.)

Ya can’t make this shit up.

And the sad thing is that your only defence is suicide. I can’t help but wonder from time to time how many people this trio has already killed. The other option is to wait till they get bored with you and finally move on.

One of their targets used to live in Southampton. Thankfully, his wife was American and he’s been able to move to the States. And he had plenty of money. It helps.

Me, I was perfect. A migrant in a country where nobody knew me yet everybody hated me. Smart. Not well to do but managing. Managing okay. Perfect.

And then I made the mistake of moving to Portsmouth. Better than perfect.

Ya can’t make it up.

“Canada” and “Scotland” is the guy in the north. “Australia” is the guy in the South. “Africa” and sometimes “India” is the guy in between.

Relative to where I am.

God, what a mess.

15 October:

But then I googled “autism and lying”. Turns out that indeed, autistic people can be pretty good at it too.

SO, I guess I was right regarding what I said about some abused autistic children turning into very angry adults who are champions at beating and cheating the system?

(I looked into this after a frustrating exchange with an autistic person in the Netherlands, followed by a few thoughts about something else that’s been puzzling me for a while concerning this person as it does not quite seem to add up. It made me wonder if she too lies or deceives and perhaps even manipulates without me realising it – which is not something you’d expect from autistic people; at least, I didn’t – so I googled it. Autistic people need to navigate a world that does not cut them any slack, so it’s not surprising to find that many learn the ways of the world better than the average neurotypical.)

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