Oh yeah

I want my life back. And I am going to get to the bottom of whatever the hell is going on!

For anyone who does not know that, I have been stuck in a bizarre largely digital sadistic slavery situation for over a decade. Been everywhere to ask for help. (I am a migrant.) Most people shrug. Those who may care aren’t able to help.

But for me, unless I keep managing to smile about it off and on, I won’t be able to survive.

Calling the Marissa Salas who knows Tim Cross

I think it’s merely hacker interference but “Tim” just wrote to me that his fridge is broken and that he is trying to hook up his fridge to the water supply.

If it’s genuine – which I doubt in view of the horrendous hacker interference I have been subjected to since moving to Portsmouth – then Tim is badly losing the plot and someone should go check on him.

I am not able to call him and even if I could, there likely wouldn’t be anything I could do as I am on the other side of the world.

Here we go again (hacker interfering with my online access)

Am uploading an article to Indy100 and my hacker blocks it again and my immediate downstairs neighbour moans loudly and disappointed when I realise what’s happened. This has been my life for over a decade now.

So then I submitted in a different browser but I don’t think it matters as I am on someone else’s VPN. He can block and change whatever he wishes.

But maybe I am wrong and maybe this is the one time that my digital experiences are not due to hacker interference.

Because once again, what I wrote has disappeared again. Poof, into thin air.

I click on my own profile’s link and it says:

404 page not found


(But of course, it is also possible that this is merely another smoke and mirrors game to make me look “crazy” should the article suddenly appear online after all.)

This is what I wrote for Indy100:

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Someone losing the plot?

An American colleague is emailing me – in an English accent – and says that he emailed me in 2010 and asked me to meet him and his wife in London back then. Hahahaha.

But he is a bit older so maybe it’s that, but more likely it’s the Martinis talking. 🥳

He and his wife were in London in 2010 and I called them at the hotel and he was not pleased that I rang. Never asked me to meet them there and he knew that it wasn’t possible for me to travel to London at the time.

He’d asked me could I meet them upon arrival and drive them into and around in London so that they wouldn’t have to take the bus etc. Such an odd request, I thought.

So maybe that was spoofed too.

But he also just wrote to me that he was trying to hook up the fridge to the water supply?!! That he had found the fridge out of order when he returned from a visit to his stepdaughter in DC?