No longer calling Mr Bernadette S!

We have just had several text chat conversations in which you suddenly dropped out and wrote that you had to go look after someone with Covid and would not be online – but oddly enough kept responding to e-mails almost instantly – or had to rehearse for a concert or had to go arrange a party for your father etc etc and in which you also wrote other at least one puzzling major remark – “I have found the solution!” – that you did not follow up on, plus a mystery story about something that you wanted to send but did not want anyone to know about hence did not want to mention… (but did).

I wouldn’t find it so unusual if it weren’t for the fact that this pattern has been going on for some time here in Portsmouth and has recently gotten worse, but not just for you, also for example for someone else who seems to keep repeating old e-mails she sent me, indicating something similar. “Gonna go to bed now, will read your response tomorrow” (even without matching context) and that someone else just sent me bonkers shit at the same e-mail address about hooking his fridge up to the water supply.

Reeks of hacker interference!

In hindsight, never mind, though. I do not wish to overwhelm you.

But, you too, thanks for helping me survive! That certainly wasn’t and isn’t in vain.

Feel free to share your opinion below, please.

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