Message for clients, friends, colleagues and acquaintances

  1. My business bank account has changed. That’s because my bank was now changing £8.50 per month while in-branch services have become increasingly limited. Unfortunately, my hacker somehow managed to change this new bank number and he also changed my contact details at HMRC. As far as I know, no major hiccups have occurred as a result of this (although HMRC staff now likely thinks I’m an incompetent fool).
  2. Indeed, I have not been able to support myself since I moved from Southampton to Portsmouth. In fact, I came out of the lockdowns with no more turnover left with the exception of an occasional 2 to 20 pounds’ worth of royalties. I am not eligible for Universal Credit, because the hacking makes me unemployable (but that is okay as more abuse is the last thing I want).
  3. Yes, I removed all my LinkedIn connections at the end of October 2021, for privacy reasons. That is, YOUR privacy. I should have done that years ago. There are five connections left, but that is an IT artefact. I appear to have 150 followers but these are not people I know, with the exception of two.
  4. More information below as well as on the home page.


As most of you know, I have been the target of sadistic stalking including extensive hacking for 13 years and counting.

For more information, see the following:

Boon, J.C.W. and Sheridan, L. (2001). Stalker typologies: A law enforcement perspective. Journal of Threat Assessment, 1, 75-97.

There’s been a lot of interference on LinkedIn since all of this began. One of my connections – a guy I had actually worked with – got replaced by a fake profile one day – as a brand-new connection – and when people connect with me or existing connections message me, they sometimes send me nuts stuff that clearly is not coming from them. For example, these messages below clearly did not come from Ms Duerinck (who surely has nothing to do with this):

It appears to refer to “beautiful men”… who look very different by day than what they look like in the middle of the night?

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