And this, people, this! Enough! Enough already!

But it’s the ignorant boorish people from the south and south east who are the problem. (So there! Nah nah nah nah nah!) As soon as you ignore them, the problem goes away. So… make it go away. Same for the problem with the Essex accents.

Let’s turn the tables, the winds, the tides.

The balances lies in the middle. Equilibrium. Harmony. Prosperity. Happiness. Health.

The attitude towards people from the north was exemplified in a report in 2020 saying Durham University students who came from the local area “felt that they were being discriminated against, people were making fun of them, people were disparaging them”, Ms Hill said.

“This is decades later after I experienced the same thing,” she said.

“I was called a common northerner and I mean – what – this is still happening? This is nuts.”


Suicides in Portsmouth (and what the hell is going on in this town?!!)

Rattled by what I discovered yesterday and remembering that the idea of eugenics did not begin in Nazi Germany but in England. I decided to do an internet search on “suicides in Portsmouth” and I found that in the three years before the pandemic, the suicide rate in Portsmouth has been higher than for its surroundings.

“Portsmouth suicide rate has been higher than regional average in last three years”

“Portsmouth’s suicide rate over the last three years has been higher than across the south east, figures have shown.”

This woman at Portsmouth City Council who tried to get me to commit suicide, she has access to many so-called vulnerable people…

But in England, the outward display of poverty is often mistaken for mental instability, also often called “vulnerability”. Was that what made her decide to target me?

Yesterday’s conversation – see previous post – has really rattled me because I had assumed that she had somehow been fooled into doing what she did, by the person who has been exposing me to sadistic stalking for over a decade and had not quite been aware of what she was doing. But it now looks like she was acting on her own and acted very deliberately.

(This is starting to shed a very different light on my situation. What the hell is really going on in this town?)

I also looked into “chav” culture. Chav stands for “council-housed and violent”. What I came away with is the reminder that the “chav” idea of rejecting everyone who is slightly different is not exclusive to chavs at all. Chavs are merely an out-group, in which people have little power and they do what they can to counter that.

I also saw that in Leigh Park (which is Havant, however), groups of yobs were making the life of a 76-year-old man (and his wife) hell last year, and then – thankfully – 30 people stood up for him to defend him (his home). That they had to, that’s… BONKERS! So was I, perhaps the target of a chilling form of gerontophobia???

I am shaking my head. What on earth did I land in when I left Amsterdam and moved to Hampshire, England?

To add a more positive note, another woman who works at the same facility as the woman who tried to get me to commit suicide, well, I had misjudged her as being very much into the class thing, in a negative way. But I’ve recently discovered that she’s not and that she is not only very good at her job, she enjoys it. She has no idea how precious that is and how glad I was to make that discovery. I love being wrong about negative things.

22 October: my old computer is now also suddenly out of order, but this post may not be up to date on my phone. I had contacted the local authorities (Dr. H.A.) and she has replied. I have meanwhile explained what happened. The local authorities can look into what is going on, if needed, while there’s absolutely nothing that I can do.

To H.A.: “straight down to” was what she said and in combination with something else that she said, you can end up at the culmination of a bridge.

I also wrote to The Guardian this morning, not about this, but about my experiences since I moved to Portsmouth.