And this, people, this! Enough! Enough already!

But it’s the ignorant boorish people from the south and south east who are the problem. (So there! Nah nah nah nah nah!) As soon as you ignore them, the problem goes away. So… make it go away. Same for the problem with the Essex accents.

Let’s turn the tables, the winds, the tides.

The balances lies in the middle. Equilibrium. Harmony. Prosperity. Happiness. Health.

The attitude towards people from the north was exemplified in a report in 2020 saying Durham University students who came from the local area “felt that they were being discriminated against, people were making fun of them, people were disparaging them”, Ms Hill said.

“This is decades later after I experienced the same thing,” she said.

“I was called a common northerner and I mean – what – this is still happening? This is nuts.”


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