My (prepaid) electricity

My electricity account has been messed with for about two years.

(28 October: Sorry, I forgot to explain that it’s prepaid. I am so used to it now after 17 years in England. Amsterdam used to have prepaid energy for a while after WWII, but it’s still fairly normal in England, certainly for foreigners, to have prepaid power.)

Earlier this year, the meter broke. It was replaced on 28 June by an electrician who I probably should have reported. But where?

Besides falling sort of on top of me and being offensively misogynistic in another way as well, he sort of warned me that if I didn’t behave, the meter would break again. Which it did, in the beginning of September.

I wasn’t getting anywhere with my current electricity company. No response. So it seemed time to switch back to my old company but apparently, my address no longer existed. (That also happened in 2009 or 2010, when I was trying to get my business phone line and broadband connected. The address had been made to disappear at the Civic Offices, and it feeds the Royal Mail address database which feeds the databases that providers use.)

So I had enormous trouble getting my account switched. The process can still be undone or otherwise interfered with by a large number of local people who I don’t know.

The switch is expected to be completed before the end of the month and then it may take another month – until the end of November – for the new key to arrive – if it arrives at all, of course – and only then can I make an attempt to find out if the meter is actually broken.

Update 28 October:

After I moved in here, people – adults, yes – would also run into the 3-flat building to flip the power switch for the entire building and they’ve shut off my water supply a few times as well. Just for fun.

Meanwhile, homeless people in the US can use their generous government’s pandemic support payments to buy RVs to live in… And the English call Americans “daft”.

Update 29 October:

It’s not clear whether the switch has been completed. According to my account info, it hasn’t yet.

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