“Sometimes you need to anger people,” says activist


I agree. Research has shown that when you’re reasonable, people tend to nod and agree yet do nothing and then nothing changes and nothing improves. You need to shake them up, kick them out of their comfort zones.

It’s like talking about rainstorms when you’re comfortable in your living room versus actually going out into the rain and experiencing it. The latter brings it home.

Typical of local culture?

Yesterday, as I was walking back from Lidl, a guy in front of me was vomiting every few steps with no consideration for those around him.

I had seen the puddles of vomit, but I had not realised that it had been deposited less than a minute earlier until I was about the pass the guy and he vomited, mostly liquid now, and then vomited again.

When I tried to avoid him by going around parked cars, onto the tarmac, he suddenly decided to cross the road and almost collided with me.

Have I just spoiled your appetite? Welcome to daily life in England.

It was not that different in Southampton. More vomit over there, actually.

Prices are going up, by the way. I found myself buying a packet with two items for £1.25 while I used to get a packet of 6 for £1.09 and better tasting. I am still annoyed. Not very zen-like, fretting over things that cannot be helped.

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