Typical of local culture?

Yesterday, as I was walking back from Lidl, a guy in front of me was vomiting every few steps with no consideration for those around him.

I had seen the puddles of vomit, but I had not realised that it had been deposited less than a minute earlier until I was about the pass the guy and he vomited, mostly liquid now, and then vomited again.

When I tried to avoid him by going around parked cars, onto the tarmac, he suddenly decided to cross the road and almost collided with me.

Have I just spoiled your appetite? Welcome to daily life in England.

It was not that different in Southampton. More vomit over there, actually.

Prices are going up, by the way. I found myself buying a packet with two items for £1.25 while I used to get a packet of 6 for £1.09 and better tasting. I am still annoyed. Not very zen-like, fretting over things that cannot be helped.

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