How to stimulate small business in Portsmouth?

  1. Provide an automatic income top-up for starters, for up to five years. For a lower max amount by year.
  2. Couple it to support by teaming them up with mentors with active successful businesses, preferably people who have been through lows, too, and may perhaps even have needed to declare bankruptcy, before. People who had to shoe-strap their business and made it. Not people with wealthy aunts who loaned them the money to get started (like Branson). Not so-called business advisors because those are usually people without good insights but who fantasise(d) about being big entrepreneurs. They neither have the savvy, nor the attitude. But they like yackyacking. So none of the usual Pompey this and that folks with or without awards. (Also because these Pompey this and that folks tend to have tunnel vision.) Although some of them may make good accountants, that doesn’t make them allround business advisors. No real estate developers either. Because they tend to teach bad business practices.

It’s not true that “success” means making millions. Success is what YOU want it to be. Not what someone else tells you it is

And it’s not true either that “stiffing others” equals “success”.

Shows like The Apprentice should come with information such as that in order to sell inside a shopping centre, you need to apply to be allowed to, usually have to pay to be allowed to and must have insurance in place, regardless of whether you have staff or not.

Feel free to share your opinion below, please.

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