Been in my flat again

Someone has been in my flat again. Picked the locks again. I am not going to say what he did this time. It’s somewhat similar to what he did a few months ago. Worse, if not remediable. He referred to it in a weird e-mail that I got. That’s how I discovered what he has done this time.

20 November 2021, 12:27
Sounds like he’s angry at the moment. The hacker.

Btw, part of the reason he does what he does is to see whether he can turn me into an evil person. That’s what he indicated at some point, fairly recently. And that is was my task not to let him.

He does not seem to realise at all that what he does also wears people out physically. Or that people may have physical weak spots. Does not occur to him. That makes it likely that he has Asperger’s, I suppose.

Looks like he’s changed another password? This happens very often. As he serves as my sysop, he has all my passwords etc so he can log in anywhere and change things. He controls my phone(s) as well; I think he also has cloned them. He can certainly stop texts intended for me.

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