Message for HMRC and for Enterprise Car Club


Many things seem to be going wrong with your website, specifically your “new” VAT service. Other than that the service no longer works well, I don’t know what is “new” about it. You asked for feedback, which I have already given online. I was then asked to participate in user research, but the link I then received by e-mail, twice, results in a 404 – Page Not Found error.

When l recently logged in to file my VAT return, I noticed to my dismay that the contact details that were listed for me were incorrect. There was an old e-mail address to which I have no longer access and as phone number an 078 number was listed (not mine). (I had an 078 number 13 to 17 years ago.) I quickly corrected that (but had quite a bit of difficulty getting that done).

Next, I needed to change my bank account number; that too was far from straightforward. One day later, I had an error message concerning that account; you (HMRC) stated that this bank account did not accept direct debits. I checked; it does, but to prevent problems, I then changed it into a personal bank account number rather than a business bank account number.

I have now received a letter dated 11 November 2021 that confirms “changes to your VAT account”n (“change approved”) but it does not state which “changes” or “change” this concerns.

There appeared to be other inconsistencies (amounts seemingly not adding up), but it’s too soon to tell whether they were significant or not.

This is reminiscent of similar troubles I had been having with Barclays Business, oddly enough; that website too seems to have been created by a 3-year-old toddler. Hard to believe. I had a phone call with a woman claiming to work at Barclays but she seemed to have no idea what she was doing and while the call was supposed to be about a form that I had been asked to submit, the woman didn’t seem to have that form at hand and she was not at a computer either (was not entering any information into a computer). All rather odd.

For Enterprise Car Club:

I received an e-mail yesterday, stating the following.

Please tell us if the card you use to access vehicles is replaced

Dear Angelina,
Here at Enterprise Car Club, we are always looking at ways we can offer the best possible experience to our customers. Much of that, we know, is making sure you can access vehicles quickly and easily. Many of our members use our top-rated mobile app to open their vehicle. However, some do so by using a contactless card linked to their account. To use this card, they hover it over the windscreen card reader at the start of a reservation to open the vehicle’s doors. If you are one of those members that uses a contactless card to seamlessly access vehicles, rather than the app, we ask that you remember to let us know if that card is replaced or updated in any way. That way, we can make sure it still links to your account, opening the doors as you’d expect. You may, for example, get a new bank card through the post, replacing one you previously used to access Enterprise Car Club vehicles. If this were the case, you’d need to call the Clubhouse and get the new card linked to your account. That way, next time you make a reservation, you only need to wave it over the windscreen card reader and the doors will open.
For more information as to how car club works, please check out our Help Centre by clicking here. Alternatively, if you have any questions, please contact the Clubhouse* on 0345 266 9290 or email

Thank you for choosing Enterprise Car Club.

*Clubhouse opening hours are Monday to Friday 8am to 8pm, Saturdays 8am to 6.30pm and Sundays 9am to 6.30pm

This makes no sense. Members cannot make any changes or updates to that access card.

Feel free to share your opinion below, please.

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