Update on previous post

24 November 2021, 16:08
Have meanwhile contacted the party who issued the item that was taken from my flat, on Monday, but have not heard back yet.

I had had the item in my hands a few days previously and am angry with myself for not having kept it with me. But I cannot go around having everything with me that I do not want anyone who keeps picking the locks to take from within my flat. It is impossible!

I think it’s part of him having been busy thwarting something that I was trying to do, a professional activity, that is. I had received a survey about this item, which I completed and which revealed that I planned to use the item. I have meanwhile realised later that that too may have been spoofed – asking me about my use of the item.

To be specific, he has cut off a very important form of transport for me.

I have asked for a replacement of the item, but so many access methods are app-only these days so I don’t know whether I will be able to get a replacement. I cannot do anything app-based, in this case, for all sorts of reasons. The previous time that I used this transport, he messed with that too. (It cost me money, while I didn’t get to use the transport, but I can blame mainly my own stupidity for that little silly incident.)

This time, it’s really mean what he’s done. Unless the replacement for the item is in the mail or my poltergeist returns the item. He does often return items, sometimes after a few months, sometimes after years. But I have a feeling that he is really out to damage me now.

He probably has no idea how much his actions often scare me, regarding the things that he does and also regarding how angry he sometimes gets when I protest. Because there is nobody there. It’s all anonymous, from a distance. It is so creepy. Unhealthy, too. I can’t keep bottling this up because there is not anyone to talk with about this, nobody to go to and say “stop this shit!” to (even though I have a pretty good idea of who did this, in practice, this time).

One thought on “Update on previous post

  1. Okay, that may have been intended as innocent mischief. That may often be the case with this sort of thing in my life. There is frequently some kind of major lack of perspective behind these actions. It sometimes feels like I am dealing with a toddler…

    But the (potential) effect this kind of interference has on my life, the restrictions it sometimes places on my options, can be quite unsettling.

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