Now on ITV: Beautiful Molly McLaren. Stabbed to death in her car. Nothing “romantic” or “flattering”about it.

Watch the video about Molly – it’s online at ITV at the moment – and weep for her friends and parents.

For god’s sake, stop perpetuating the myth that stalking is flattering and romantic, because it never is.

It is my impression that the police mishandled the case of Molly McLaren. That’s largely because police officers are completely unequipped to assess such cases, however. The authoritarian approach that police officers tend to take likely can actually trigger violence.

It’s not a “social media murder”. You could just as easily call it a “fitness” murder. Social media are a normal aspect of our lives. The role that social media may have played – but that isn’t even certain, apparently – is that her killer may have used her social media to find out where she was that day.

Another problem with social media can be that people like Joshua Stimpson read things into social media posts that aren’t there. But they also do that with for example the spoken word.

In the past decade or so, probably mainly in the years 2011 – 2015, I’ve often felt that I couldn’t even sneeze on social media without it being misinterpreted by whoever was so obsessed with me. Just like Molly when she took him back after she broke up with Josh the first time, I’ve often felt that I had no choice but to try and appease whoever’s been messing with me. I’ve far too often been afraid of that person’s response because nothing I did was ever right in his eyes, it seemed.

My very existence often seemed to be experienced by him as an insult to his face. One day, there was this “you’re actually a really nice woman” and I thought “no shit, Sherlock”. It didn’t change a thing, however.

It’s happened to me, years ago, that I posted some kind of tribute – three videos – to some American musician who passed away a long time ago and it was misinterpreted as me trying to say something that I had not intended at all. It was just a few songs that I posted, nothing more, nothing less.

Location can be faked too, by the way. Just like caller ID, IP address and everything else. My location is sometimes Devon or places like Liverpool and it even is sometimes Scotland. I’m in Hampshire. It’s not me who does this. It’s my hacker routing me through various IP addresses, I suspect. (I can’t see O2 doing this, but maybe I am wrong about that.)

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