Stalking & harassment: Not a policing matter

Stalking & harassment should not be a policing matter.

It’s a public health & safety matter. It does not just concern the risk whether someone will get stabbed to death but also whether the target will be allowed to work and make a living. Being stalked can easily cut ten years from your life expectancy.

Stalkers often seem to feel that the target owes them, that they own the target and that it is cruel of the target not to “love” them back.

There should be a specialised organisation with specialised forensic psychologists and psychiatrists, researchers and IT experts, but also (former) targets and (former) stalkers. Therapists who can teach those who engage in stalking behaviours about respecting other people’s boundaries and how to communicate differently should also be in the mix.

In addition, the police should check the identity of anyone who files a report thoroughly. That time when I went to the police and was told that I had already filed the same report a few days earlier and that the police had even already stopped by at my home address, the officer behind the counter consulted a colleague at a desk and I heard her ask “Is it the same woman?” A flabbergasting experience.

Feel free to share your opinion below, please.

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