“Narcissistic personality traits and prefrontal brain structure”

“Given the relevance of narcissism in both clinical and non-clinical research fields, there is an astonishing paucity of neuroscience research relating narcissistic traits or behaviours to either brain function or structure.”


Why is this interesting? It’s been found that if you can provide visual “proof” of someone’s condition, it tends to result in greater acceptance and compassion. That may be critical in how we deal with individuals with NPD in society. (less friction) There is a tendency to blame people with NPD for how they are. But they didn’t create themselves.

Also, as the brain is much more malleable than we used to believe, I am highly interested in learning about this as it may hold clues for how we might be able to provide some relief for people with severe NPD by getting their brains to create brain connections that they currently lack. We used to think that neurons could not regenerate after being damaged and we also believed that no new neurons formed after adolescence, didn’t we?

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