Not flattering. Not romantic. And not addressed.

25:00: Yes. Get a new car, get a new job, and in a different field, move to a place to which you have no connections and change your name if you can. (The latter is easy in some countries, near-impossible in others.)

I know someone who had to do that in the Netherlands, who got the same advice from the police. She did. He did eventually find her but that was much later and he spoke with someone else; she was not at home at the time. He’d lost his interest by then.

The reason why the police took her seriously from the get-go is that this guy had already tried to kill her.

There’s nothing romantic or flattering about stalking.

When it concerns someone wit for example a learning disability, it is just as scary because women aren’t mind-readers and there is no telling what someone may do. But in this case, mediation can make a world of difference.

28:00: In England, the police take no interest at all in stalking risk assessments (S-DASH), has been my own experience.

So this guy is out of prison now? So I did a web search.

So this is the result.

As you can see…

This is not working. Stalking is currently not being addressed, not being remedied. The (rare) prosecution wins do not equal “success” for the stalking targets.

“Ms McDonald is so worried he will continue to stalk her that she wants Gardiner to wear an electronic ankle bracelet to monitor his movements.”

I am curious whether neurofeedback has ever been tried on people who exhibit stalking behaviours.

When I started watching these videos, I initially thought that – ha ha – her stalker turned out to be that FBI analyst. He does not strike me as autistic (Asperger’s). He strikes me as possibly having NPD. I don’t see the out-of-control anger of borderline personality disorder – abandonment issues – but I do see a tendency for control and this tendency to tarnish the reputation of people and the attempts to mess with her, that goes with NPD rather than with anything else. But… I am merely chucking this out of my hat like imaginary rabbits out of an imaginary magician’s hat. There are other disorders out there that I am simply not familiar with.

The fifth mind (film)

Very depressing, heavy and slow, but also about what I consider a form of neurodiversity. (DID)

I don’t necessarily fully agree with this portrayal of DID. People with DID can be very successful professionals. I had one as a colleague at university for a while and she spoke about her DID openly. She obtained her Master’s after she was my colleague and has since worked at all sorts of other reputable organisations in the Netherlands and still does.

But DID can be like this before diagnosis, understanding/acceptance, healing/recovery.

My situation (i.e. sadistic stalking)

It’s like this.

If I put up with everything these (anonymous) dudes want to do – which gives them a family feel – I get to eat and be warm. But I don’t really get to have a life.

They very deliberately isolate me as much as possible. They want optimal control over me and if people don’t know me, and I still don’t know anyone locally, they are much more likely to assume that I’m batshit crazy.

Boundaries? What are those?

They walk all over me.

And then when I get fed up and try to claw control over my life back, they throw hissyfits, I have little food and so on and can do perhaps even less.

But you can’t keep another human being in a cage just because it gives you the feeling that this person is now your family!

They can’t help themselves. They don’t get this.

There’s a big empathy gap there.


They do try, btw.

That’s why I think it’s more likely to be Asperger’s than NPD that is behind this.

This ain’t nearly as often funny and sweet as some people who know more about the story have been assuming.

That’s for sure.

Sometimes it is.

It’s often been agony for me. Not being able to do much. The isolation.

And society conveniently looks away.

Or tells itself a convenient story.

Where does this come from? The Priklopils and the Burstows. How do they come about? Does anyone care? Has anyone ever looked at this?

WHO on boosters: I agree

The pandemic cruelly highlights two problems we must urgently address.

  • Health disparities in countries.
  • Health disparities between countries.

Yes, I’ve been telling people here in England to get their boosters, for the sake of delta. I’ve not been convinced that we’re currently taking the right approach in the UK, with regard to omicron, as you will have noticed. But it’s not (very) important. (It’s mostly political.)

The bigger picture is the global one.

You can do something about that second bullet point. You can make a donation that gets people in disadvantaged countries their first and second jabs.

Because I can’t make the Pfizers, Johnsons and Astra-Zenecas donate vaccines in return for tax advantages they have gained from funnelling their profits through letterbox companies in places like the Netherlands.

Those routes are being addressed, btw, but Trump slipped through some legislation that delayed the effect of that somewhat. At the moment, Pfizer doesn’t seem to be gaining anything from channelling profits through the Netherlands and this may soon actually start to cost them.

Pfizer sluist 15 miljard dollar door Nederland, ook vaccinwinsten –

Who is 00 31 6 44206041?

Presumably a regular scam. An American voice telling me that the call was from “national police corps”.

Yeah, haven’t you read about that police captain that got this type of call too? I think they call about “outstanding traffic tickets” and say that they’re about to arrest you unless you pay instantly, lol. Hilarious.

It was automated. I was probably supposed to enter some data or press something, but I hung up.

Oh, the joys of the internet age.

Also, the length of the number is incorrect, methinks. I googled the number but nothing showed up.

Funny 😁

The upside of my 13 years under the burden of the local vicious sadism is that the pandemic has had almost no effect on my psyche or my socialising. I am finding that I don’t even know what to say back to people who talk about wanting the pandemic to be over and effects on Christmas and so on. I experience the pandemic totally differently. My life was over the moment I moved to Portsmouth. (If I’d known that I would never have done that of course. I had no idea that they still burn witches here, so to speak. Never mind; it’s not as simple as that, actually. Of course not.)

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Covid (omicron, testing, 15-minute wait)

  • The 15-minute wait after the booster
    It puzzled me that there was no wait after the first jab, but there had been one for the booster. England has just done away with that for almost everyone. Good or not? The Netherlands is wrestling with the same question and is starting a study, but doing away with the wait means being able to vaccinate 5 times more people, a Dutch GP has said (by way of example, a quote from a news item). The Netherlands too wants to do away with the wait.

Omicron: What I was missing

The fact that it infects double-jabbed people, that’s what has gotten people really concerned. And that it can reinfect people.

But it’s looking like being triple-jabbed – getting the booster – does help and it’s still looking like Omicron may not cause serious disease and may be able to outcompete Delta and it does look like Delta is much more pathogenic.

I’ve read that it would take around 100 days to create an Omicron-specific vaccine but that sends out the wrong message.

Getting triple-jabbed now is key. Get the booster.

Because it offers the best protection against serious disease from Delta. That it also protects against Omicron comes on top of that.

Once more details about Omicron are known, it’s time to compare Omicron against the flu. The flu is still pretty deadly as well. Easy to forget. But it’s why lots of people get flu shots.

The flu mutates too and the flu shots too are always updated (adapted) for the latest prevailing flu variants.

In the UK, the flu causes between 10,000 and 30,000 deaths each year. Source:

There is going to be a break-even point after which focusing on covid at the expense of treating other conditions no longer is practical. I think Bill Gates gave the year 2023 as the year by which covid could be considered under control but I have not read what he said yet.

Summer of 2022, he said, apparently. He hopes. He’s not a doctor, but he is smart and has access to all the bright brains.

Ouch. While I looked for this, I ran into some bogus story about the vaccines actually being the virus. (Thanks again, Boris. You’ve been really helpful. 🤬😠☹️😡 We’re starting to understand why you and Donald are such good buddies.)

Things he said:

And the international press has been lambasting Boris… For at least about a week now. Have you seen that too?

Three parties. Three!


Or was it four? I’ve seen the following dates. (The 10 December event apparently was not at No. 10 or 11. And the quizz party was at the Cabinet office.)

12 December, 18 December, 10 December and 27 November.

Ouch. Five? There also may have been one on 13 December? Or are people starting to exaggerate now?

And then there is the flat refurbishment. Yeah, I too would like a top designer to refurbish my place and have someone else pay for it. But I would likely have to report that as income to HMRC. Not sure. Never been in that position.

Yeah. Typically Donald, isn’t it.

Oh. The quiz was on 15 December? So now we have SIX days on which the UK government pretended that there was no pandemic?

Facepalm doesn’t express my response any longer.

Omicron update 13 December:

The UK has now had its first Omicron death.

Omicron update 14 December:

Yesterday, 20% of cases were Omicron and 10 double-jabbed people were in hospital with Omicron. Omicron cases are doubling every 2 days or so.

Major software threat

Organisations around the world scrambling? Wrong visual used, then, Guardian! This is not just relevant for gamers.

Recently uncovered software flaw ‘most critical vulnerability of the last decade’ | Software | The Guardian

13 December: The Dutch had a big emergency meeting about this, with about 300 cyber experts and they drew up a list of vulnerable software

STAT ‘s Andrew Joseph on the idea of omicron outcompeting other variants

I fast-read it but it still sounds to me as if this could work out well. Omicron could become like the flu. The flu too kills people with weakened immune systems who have not been vaccinated. So the main question is still how pathogenic omicron is. A million people who don’t fall seriously ill versus a billion of people who don’t fall seriously ill is still a lot of people who do not fall seriously ill. Yes, a matter of scale. There may be people who fall seriously ill.

This is why a lot of people grab a flu vaccination each year, isn’t it?

So yeah, people, get your boosters and get the first and second jab if you haven’t had them yet. Continue washing your hands etc. and don’t forget to keep some distance from others, particularly when indoors with strangers.

What am I missing? The possibility that omicron might mutate into something more pathogenic? But that would have to be highly transmissible to be effective. That re-infection is occurring is probably the crucial factor at the point, within this context. It could also mutate into something even milder and essentially disappear. And then decades later, a new strain might emerge. Or not.

Time will tell.

For now, battling delta is still key.

(We’ve just had the first detected local omicron case. A kid. At an infant school. That means that there are more cases.)

I just ordered rapid lateral flow Covid tests from the NHS, free of charge

So can you, very likely, unless you are for example already getting them from your place of work or study.

I started volunteering as a vaccination steward a while ago and this is why I need them. I normally run a relatively low infection risk (because of the way I live here in England) and my first LFT – done at the medical centre – was negative, as expected.



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Omicron. Newsweek seems to agree with what I wrote a few days ago.

I saw this yesterday evening.

The second Omicron variant does not seem to be causing major illness either, as far as I know.

In this Guardian article, an unknown researcher is quoted as saying that we’re missing something.

That something may be zoonosis followed by reverse zoonosis? Said an American researcher a few days ago. Haven’t seen that mentioned in the UK yet (where indeed wastewater monitoring appears to have disappeared too, unless that too is in stealth mode now).

8 December2021:
Or… could that missing link also somehow be the fact that most studies focus on the upper limit of the temperature range within which the virus is stable, while it appears that some variants can stay stable at -20 degrees C for up to 30 days? (That likely wouldn’t lead to new variants, I reckon, just to transmission routes, but that could be related.) There is a study that concludes that frozen food appears to be a factor, in a Nature-related publication. If you consider that food-processing plants – for meat, notably – had a real problem protecting their staff and keeping them healthy, then, yeah, who knows… But it’s hands then touching the food (meat) again and people not washing their hands etc that might then transmit the virus, not the act of eating the food or drinking the milk.

Links: Han and Liu, 2021 Huang et al., 2021 Dzung et al., 2021 Norouzbeigi et al., 2021