Your life becomes a coffin. Cognitive deficits and the stalking of Laurisa Anello by Curtis Harper.

Moment of Truth: Stalking Back (1993):

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Stranger-stalking is no joke, by me:

In this video, I discuss the stalking of Laurisa Anello by Curtis Harper. Laurisa was 14 years old when this began. Harper probably engaged in what is known as sadistic stalking but that is usually carried out by very smart individuals who for example know a great deal about electronic communications – like Anthony Burstow, who stalked Tracey Sant for about a decade and even formally changed his last name to that of one of her boyfriends/partners – but in the case of the stalking of Laurisa Anello, it seems that cognitive deficits play a role. He doesn’t strike me as a cunning sadist.

I have been the target of sadistic stalking for 13 years and counting. It’s highly manipulative and intended to mess with people’s heads and hurt people. It’s just a game for whoever is doing this, as far as I can tell. Curtis Harper wasn’t that kind of stalker. He needed some kind of support that he wasn’t getting. But there are similarities, such as the fits of anger when you “reject” the stalker.

I made a 180-degree turn – stopped trying to escape from the stalking – and decided to start figuring out what exactly stalking is, what motivates it, how it comes about. It’s all in the mind of person who is doing the stalking and there often is some kind of neurodiversity involved.