Omicron. Newsweek seems to agree with what I wrote a few days ago.

I saw this yesterday evening.

The second Omicron variant does not seem to be causing major illness either, as far as I know.

In this Guardian article, an unknown researcher is quoted as saying that we’re missing something.

That something may be zoonosis followed by reverse zoonosis? Said an American researcher a few days ago. Haven’t seen that mentioned in the UK yet (where indeed wastewater monitoring appears to have disappeared too, unless that too is in stealth mode now).

8 December2021:
Or… could that missing link also somehow be the fact that most studies focus on the upper limit of the temperature range within which the virus is stable, while it appears that some variants can stay stable at -20 degrees C for up to 30 days? (That likely wouldn’t lead to new variants, I reckon, just to transmission routes, but that could be related.) There is a study that concludes that frozen food appears to be a factor, in a Nature-related publication. If you consider that food-processing plants – for meat, notably – had a real problem protecting their staff and keeping them healthy, then, yeah, who knows… But it’s hands then touching the food (meat) again and people not washing their hands etc that might then transmit the virus, not the act of eating the food or drinking the milk.

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