I just ordered rapid lateral flow Covid tests from the NHS, free of charge

So can you, very likely, unless you are for example already getting them from your place of work or study.

I started volunteering as a vaccination steward a while ago and this is why I need them. I normally run a relatively low infection risk (because of the way I live here in England) and my first LFT – done at the medical centre – was negative, as expected.



I also got my booster invitation but no vaccination centres were available locally, only one in Southampton and one on the Isle of Wight, to my surprise. You can only “pre-book” appointments and that too sounds a bit unusual.

I was a bit surprised that it took so long as I am in my 60s and it sounded like they were already giving booster jabs to the under-40s now.

In the letter, it said that I would not be eligible for the booster until 6 months after my 2nd jab. That might explain it? But when I logged in, it said that I was eligible from 2 months after my 2nd jab. Hmm.

I’m not worried, mind you. It’s just that volunteering comes with some obligations.

They had a local walk-in clinic in Guildhall Square last week but I didn’t think that things were really that crazy busy locally and if I have to wait until 6 months after the 2nd jab, I would not have been eligible yet anyway.

I’d been looking for ways to volunteer since the start of the pandemic. I’m pleased that I eventually succeeded.

I’ve made a video about how I successfully dealt with my fear of needles. It may be useful for others. I’ll post it on this blog later.

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