STAT ‘s Andrew Joseph on the idea of omicron outcompeting other variants

I fast-read it but it still sounds to me as if this could work out well. Omicron could become like the flu. The flu too kills people with weakened immune systems who have not been vaccinated. So the main question is still how pathogenic omicron is. A million people who don’t fall seriously ill versus a billion of people who don’t fall seriously ill is still a lot of people who do not fall seriously ill. Yes, a matter of scale. There may be people who fall seriously ill.

This is why a lot of people grab a flu vaccination each year, isn’t it?

So yeah, people, get your boosters and get the first and second jab if you haven’t had them yet. Continue washing your hands etc. and don’t forget to keep some distance from others, particularly when indoors with strangers.

What am I missing? The possibility that omicron might mutate into something more pathogenic? But that would have to be highly transmissible to be effective. That re-infection is occurring is probably the crucial factor at the point, within this context. It could also mutate into something even milder and essentially disappear. And then decades later, a new strain might emerge. Or not.

Time will tell.

For now, battling delta is still key.

(We’ve just had the first detected local omicron case. A kid. At an infant school. That means that there are more cases.)