Self-employed? Running an online business? Independent professional? Stop-stranger stalking before it begins!

Becoming stalked is a little like when a pet bird flies over and lands on your head. There is no asking for permission, no consideration of the possible impact of the stalker’s actions on the person who is in the stalker’s focus. It’s like when a toddler sees something it wants. Now. “I want that!” Or the way a baby is focused on food. There is no respect for your boundaries, for your rights, for what YOU need and want.

It can also be the case that the impact on your life is a very calculated one, and deliberate, such as in the stalking of David and Ina Steiner…

You can shield yourself from potential stalking by strangers by creating a buffer around you, a shield. I have tips for how to do that and I am creating a course around this topic.

You can even get stalked when you work at a pizza place.

However, I am focusing on people who have to be online and who have to have contact details online because they are self-employed and run their own undertakings instead of working for an employer.

Anna Nasset was one of those, although her business was highly brick-and-mortar. She became stalked by a man who walked into her business one day.

My course is not focused on people with brick-and-mortar-only businesses although it contains useful tips for them as well.

Checkout with PayPal:

Stalking prevention course for independents who have to be online

This 10-part course will offer you simple tips that will help limit the chance that you become stalked by a stranger who finds you online. The course is less suitable for people with brick-and-mortar businesses. Proper VAT invoice available upon request.


That’s less than 4 bucks per tip!

14 December 2021
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