Omicron: What I was missing

The fact that it infects double-jabbed people, that’s what has gotten people really concerned. And that it can reinfect people.

But it’s looking like being triple-jabbed – getting the booster – does help and it’s still looking like Omicron may not cause serious disease and may be able to outcompete Delta and it does look like Delta is much more pathogenic.

I’ve read that it would take around 100 days to create an Omicron-specific vaccine but that sends out the wrong message.

Getting triple-jabbed now is key. Get the booster.

Because it offers the best protection against serious disease from Delta. That it also protects against Omicron comes on top of that.

Once more details about Omicron are known, it’s time to compare Omicron against the flu. The flu is still pretty deadly as well. Easy to forget. But it’s why lots of people get flu shots.

The flu mutates too and the flu shots too are always updated (adapted) for the latest prevailing flu variants.

In the UK, the flu causes between 10,000 and 30,000 deaths each year. Source:

There is going to be a break-even point after which focusing on covid at the expense of treating other conditions no longer is practical. I think Bill Gates gave the year 2023 as the year by which covid could be considered under control but I have not read what he said yet.

Summer of 2022, he said, apparently. He hopes. He’s not a doctor, but he is smart and has access to all the bright brains.

Ouch. While I looked for this, I ran into some bogus story about the vaccines actually being the virus. (Thanks again, Boris. You’ve been really helpful. 🤬😠☹️😡 We’re starting to understand why you and Donald are such good buddies.)

Things he said:

And the international press has been lambasting Boris… For at least about a week now. Have you seen that too?

Three parties. Three!


Or was it four? I’ve seen the following dates. (The 10 December event apparently was not at No. 10 or 11. And the quizz party was at the Cabinet office.)

12 December, 18 December, 10 December and 27 November.

Ouch. Five? There also may have been one on 13 December? Or are people starting to exaggerate now?

And then there is the flat refurbishment. Yeah, I too would like a top designer to refurbish my place and have someone else pay for it. But I would likely have to report that as income to HMRC. Not sure. Never been in that position.

Yeah. Typically Donald, isn’t it.

Oh. The quiz was on 15 December? So now we have SIX days on which the UK government pretended that there was no pandemic?

Facepalm doesn’t express my response any longer.

Omicron update 13 December:

The UK has now had its first Omicron death.

Omicron update 14 December:

Yesterday, 20% of cases were Omicron and 10 double-jabbed people were in hospital with Omicron. Omicron cases are doubling every 2 days or so.