My piece of shit neighbour is blowing up my phone again. (Frying it.) Umptieth.

If there’s one piece of excrement that deserves to catch Covid and croak, then it’s him and his buddies. (Been yelling his sadistic “ha ha ha” again and then he reboots my phone.)

I’d kill this sadistic Hitler myself and rid the world of his evil, but he’s not worth my effort, plus he has cop friends. We all know how corrupt the police is in England, certainly here in Portsmouth.

This piece of excrement and his buddies very deliberately plunged me into deep poverty and misinterpret the fact that that deep poverty now enables them to pick – keep picking – the locks to my flat and hack into all my equipment as hacking prowess. It’s no more than stupid sadism, akin to kicking the crutches away from someone who is using two crutches because he has a broken leg or ankle as a result of having gotten worked over with a lead pipe first.

But yes, that is exactly his style.

Should be strung up, that monster. I mean it. He is a monster. Gets off on it when people are afraid of him. I’d love to hear that he’s dead. I’d love to. He is a genuinely sadistic monster. The neighbour from hell. The kind that you could never imagine actually exists.

He’s 3, 4 times my size, maybe half my age, and he gets off on it when he sees that I’m afraid of him. He’s a sadistic monster and I really wish he would get COVID or cancer or whatever and croak. The world would instantly become a much better place.

17 December

I mean that when I say that I wish that that guy would die. He started yelling his sadistic “ha ha ha” again 2 or 3 days ago. I think he’s broken through the encryption of the SIM card on that phone, the one that he was frying yesterday. He hacked into an old unprotected secondhand, but bought for £40 at CEX, Windows phone before, doing the same sadistic yells, and he also fucks around around with my slightly more high-end phone.

He’s been making life for my friends and clients and myself a living hell.

He’s a genuine MONSTER. So are the two or three pals he works with. Sadistic and evil.

I also just noticed that my Twitter stream on my phone differs from my Twitter stream on my PC and as I am typing this, the typing got delayed again. (Means monster is in my computer or on the connection. It’s always been one of his things. )

My immediate downstairs neighbour is a sadistic monster and I want lightning to strike him or covid or cancer or whatever to strike him and kill him. I want this monster gone. Out of my life and out of everyone else’s life.

I have app updates on that phone that he was frying every day. Same apps, often. Every day. (These same monsters are also in the City network.)

I am being targeted by three or four sadistic monsters – my current neighbour’s one of them and the other ones are pals of his – and “half of Portsmouth” (50 to 100 people who are mostly located to the east of Kingston Road, around New Road, Queens Road) but I suspect that some of the latter local terrorists have finally been told off by a cop or two.

Portsmouth mafia-style terror reign is atrocious and Gerald Vernon-Jackson (the City Council Leader) can’t do a thing about it either. I wish that all these people, the ones who are into this vicious shit, would die. I mean it. Yes, I really mean that. Because they’re pure evil and I have no good solutions for people who are pure evil.

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