People who want you to keep your mouth shut

Whoever it is who wants me to keep my mouth shut about what is going on here and who wants me to continue to live in this goddamn sadistic slavery, it’s no friend of mine, no matter how long you continue to do your best to isolate me as much as possible and all that shit. You cannot break my mind. You can break my physical health, sure, but you’re no more than thugs who take lead pipes to people and beat them into a pulp with it. You’re no friends of mine. You’re manipulative, yeah, but you have been from the beginning.

Now shoo. Move to the moon, you viez shtuk vrè-tuh, or to any other place where you can do little damage.

This includes any current or present neighbours who are into this shit, the electrician who is into this shit, the little sadistic piece of shit who works or worked at royal mail and was – maybe still is – committing sadistic crimes and whose colleagues called him Nathan, the vile two or three individuals at the public libraries who are into this shit, one of who appears to have left, the vicious young woman who worked at my GP practice’s reception desk before the practice got taken over, the two creeps who live or lived on the first floor near kingston crescent and all the others (even probably one person at Amberley, the one who pretended that there was no staff when I went there for the first time). And also whoever it is who does that acoustics shit.

Perhaps saddest of all is that you got unsuspecting gullible individuals all over town to commit fairly serious crimes such as that lad who targeted me at Asda a few years ago. He was just a clueless gullible kid who could have gone to prison if I had reported him to the police. (Because he very likely was caught on CCTV after all.) He was just another one of your victims. He had no idea what was going on, did he?

Bullying people into shutting up, these intimidation and retaliation practices, that’s not evidence of “a great community spirit” but of a Mafia – style reign.

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