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The upside of my 13 years under the burden of the local vicious sadism is that the pandemic has had almost no effect on my psyche or my socialising. I am finding that I don’t even know what to say back to people who talk about wanting the pandemic to be over and effects on Christmas and so on. I experience the pandemic totally differently. My life was over the moment I moved to Portsmouth. (If I’d known that I would never have done that of course. I had no idea that they still burn witches here, so to speak. Never mind; it’s not as simple as that, actually. Of course not.)

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Covid (omicron, testing, 15-minute wait)

  • The 15-minute wait after the booster
    It puzzled me that there was no wait after the first jab, but there had been one for the booster. England has just done away with that for almost everyone. Good or not? The Netherlands is wrestling with the same question and is starting a study, but doing away with the wait means being able to vaccinate 5 times more people, a Dutch GP has said (by way of example, a quote from a news item). The Netherlands too wants to do away with the wait.