The strange sadism continues.

  • As I was working on a new introduction for my YouTube channel – this time including the fact that I am stuck in deep poverty and that I became the target of sadistic stalking over 13 years ago – the hacker pointed out to me that he had emptied all but three of my playlists on the SIM-less phone on which I usually record my videos. One hour of seasurf was left and a delta binaural beat file and a third one, I think. (Yeah, rainforest.) He’s also on one occasion played a music file on that phone, and when I set alarms for myself for when I should prepare to leave for something, such as the volunteering, the alarm often doesn’t go off. (Yesterday, I also noticed that the camera seemed to have lost its ability to focus and produce the usual crisp video.)
  • This morning, Protonmail said that there were 12 new e-mails. But only 4 showed up, both on my phone and on my computer. (I spotted the name of one person among those 12, but that mail did not show up and I contacted that person and found out that the message had been about a notification about a delivery to my address the day before, which I had not known about.) This has been happening for many years, with all sorts of e-mail services.

    I’d suddenly received an offer to increase my storage space from Protonmail. I guess that was another little stupid nah nah nah nah nah trick, then?
  • This morning, Twitter once again pointed out a TikTok film posted on Twitter, this time on my phone. It did that before. I have no idea what the TikTok film is even about. Fan fiction? But maybe the hacker means that I should make TikTok films? He has done that sort of thing a lot, but he tends to be all over the place and also tends to interfere with anything I do. That’s the game. Appears to be helpful and when I then take up the “helpful hint”, he brings down the demolition hammer on it. UPDATE: This seems to have been a mere Twitter quirk. Good. UPDATE: Except, it turns out to have been about my hacker’s biggest hang-up. Hmmm.
  • He may be in my computer again, as I am typing. I am pretty sure he was in my computer last evening too. He’s been trying to stay out of it but he can’t help himself.
  • I’m using Metro as toilet paper and general wipes now. I lost my last client a little over a year ago. Gerald Vernon-Jackson knows about it. So does my landlord.
  • I’m pleased that I stopped the volunteering. I was getting a little fed up with people concluding or at least suspecting that I must be dimwitted because I am poor and a little fed up with not being able to talk about what is going on in my life so as not to upset their tender souls and sensitivities. Everything must be nice and sweet and not out of the ordinary so that their apple carts stay upright. Couldn’t possibly tell them that I’ve been living without electricity since the start of September. They might faint and hit their heads on the way down. They’re fine people, of course, but they’re not not accustomed to shit and they’re not in the lower third of England’s population. That was me too, 15 years ago. Being the target of sadistic stalking is the pits. The absolute pits. And the level of otherisation in England is truly sickening. Been abso-fucking-lutely everywhere for help. There is none. None whatsoever.
  • In 2010, someone told me that it sounded as if I “couldn’t cope”, whatever that was supposed to mean. Cope with sadistic stalking? Cope with an unknown stranger wrecking my life? Yeah, right. Me bad, because I knew little to nothing about sadistic stalking at that point. My mistake. Should have been part of my high-school education, right? Well, I know a lot more about it now!

Yesterday afternoon, I received this message from “Tina Martin”:


I’d like to write you an article that convinces entrepreneurs to move to your city and start a new business!

Is this something that you’d be interested in publishing?

If so, I’m happy to write as quickly as possible and send it back to you for review.

Let me know if I’ve got the green light, and I’ll get to it.

Many thanks for your time today,

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