My situation (i.e. sadistic stalking)

It’s like this.

If I put up with everything these (anonymous) dudes want to do – which gives them a family feel – I get to eat and be warm. But I don’t really get to have a life.

They very deliberately isolate me as much as possible. They want optimal control over me and if people don’t know me, and I still don’t know anyone locally, they are much more likely to assume that I’m batshit crazy.

Boundaries? What are those?

They walk all over me.

And then when I get fed up and try to claw control over my life back, they throw hissyfits, I have little food and so on and can do perhaps even less.

But you can’t keep another human being in a cage just because it gives you the feeling that this person is now your family!

They can’t help themselves. They don’t get this.

There’s a big empathy gap there.


They do try, btw.

That’s why I think it’s more likely to be Asperger’s than NPD that is behind this.

This ain’t nearly as often funny and sweet as some people who know more about the story have been assuming.

That’s for sure.

Sometimes it is.

It’s often been agony for me. Not being able to do much. The isolation.

And society conveniently looks away.

Or tells itself a convenient story.

Where does this come from? The Priklopils and the Burstows. How do they come about? Does anyone care? Has anyone ever looked at this?

WHO on boosters: I agree

The pandemic cruelly highlights two problems we must urgently address.

  • Health disparities in countries.
  • Health disparities between countries.

Yes, I’ve been telling people here in England to get their boosters, for the sake of delta. I’ve not been convinced that we’re currently taking the right approach in the UK, with regard to omicron, as you will have noticed. But it’s not (very) important. (It’s mostly political.)

The bigger picture is the global one.

You can do something about that second bullet point. You can make a donation that gets people in disadvantaged countries their first and second jabs.

Because I can’t make the Pfizers, Johnsons and Astra-Zenecas donate vaccines in return for tax advantages they have gained from funnelling their profits through letterbox companies in places like the Netherlands.

Those routes are being addressed, btw, but Trump slipped through some legislation that delayed the effect of that somewhat. At the moment, Pfizer doesn’t seem to be gaining anything from channelling profits through the Netherlands and this may soon actually start to cost them.

Pfizer sluist 15 miljard dollar door Nederland, ook vaccinwinsten –

Who is 00 31 6 44206041?

Presumably a regular scam. An American voice telling me that the call was from “national police corps”.

Yeah, haven’t you read about that police captain that got this type of call too? I think they call about “outstanding traffic tickets” and say that they’re about to arrest you unless you pay instantly, lol. Hilarious.

It was automated. I was probably supposed to enter some data or press something, but I hung up.

Oh, the joys of the internet age.

Also, the length of the number is incorrect, methinks. I googled the number but nothing showed up.