Spoofed calls and such

In one of the 10 short videos with tips for how to shield yourself from strangers who stalk, which I just uploaded to YouTube and Thinkific, I mentioned two fake calls that I have had. (There have been more.)

In connection with one of those calls, I also received a fake letter from my GP.

Why fake?

The letter referred to a communication with one of the above two faked people that I had had a phone call with. However, there was no connection between the two. The two could never have had the communication that the fake letter referred to. It was impossible.

The letter also referred to a conversation or communication between me and my GP, I suspect on the basis of a very neutral letter (from my GP) that my lock-picking stalker found in my red bag. But he jumped to the wrong conclusions… Or maybe it was a fishing attempt.

Another indication of the letter being fake, though irrelevant, was the language use. (No, dude, I am not going to explain that one to you. You go on tripping yourself up, please.)

Although I was very annoyed at first, even upset, I shrugged soon after and then shredded the letter. You can’t take this kind of thing to the police anyway – they couldn’t care less – so why bother keeping it around and allowing it to clutter up your mind and your home?

But it was an interesting experience.

I have had tons of this kind of stuff in the past 13 years (and increasingly exclusively, I should probably add).

Such as, in the beginning, communications in which a person first mentioned having had an evening job in IT and later referring to it as a day job. (The point being that he claimed to have turned his hobby into his work on the side, eventually ditching the IT job.) Or someone claiming to be in, say, Idaho but then forgetting that Idaho is in a different time zone than the UK.

Feel free to share your opinion below, please.

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